Finalists For HJ Extensions Competition 2021, Sponsored by Remi Cachet Are Announced!

by eleanor / last updated September 30, 2021

HJ is pleased to announce the finalists for the HJ Extensions Competition 2021, sponsored by Remi Cachet.

The competition will be taking place at Salon International 2021 and will showcase the top extensionists on the industry who will be represented in two categories: Classical Look and Creative Look.

The Classical Look extensionists will be competing live at Salon International on Sunday 17 October at 2pm and the Creative look finalists will be competing at 3pm, with winners being announced at 5.15pm on the HJ Stage.

Swipe through below and give a big round of applause for our finalists!

HJ Extensions Competition 2021, Sponsored by Remi Cachet Finalists

Classical Look Finalists

Creative Look Finalists

Our partner Remi Cachet are sponsoring the competition and head judge Victoria Lynch shared her excitement as the competition entries opened.

“More than ever, we want to showcase the amazing hair extension talent there is with this competition,” she said. “It’s not about the hair brand you work with, but the multi-brand judging panel are looking at application perfection in both categories. We can’t wait to see the passion and creativity from our fellow extension experts in their submissions this year.”

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