The FHA Team Up with Indola to Release Reopening Guide for Freelance Hairdressers

by akesha / last updated June 11, 2020

With the proposed reopening date of 4 July for UK salons, hairdressers across the country have been buying PPE, researching how other countries have returned to the salon and signing our petition urging The Government to provide clear guidelines for salons when they do eventually open. But many freelance and self-employed hairdressers have called out for more specific advice for them to safely start back at work. The Freelance Hairdressers Association (FHA) has teamed up with Indola to outline a reopening guide for freelance hairdressers that will specifically help self-employed hairdressers in the UK.

They have created three separate guides for home salons, those that rent a chair and stylists that visit clients homes.

Indola says, “Supporting freelance hairdressers is key for us at Indola, we have worked with Sheila for many years and we fully support everything that the FHA stands for.”

The brand statement continues; “By providing guidance on the measures you will need to implement and what steps need to be taken, we can support your return to business in July – making sure you’re fully protected while also adhering to government guidelines. The aim is to minimise contact between all those involved and ensure key and necessary hygiene habits are in place and maintained until further notice. We will continue to share guidance from the official Government website as it becomes available and will update as the information changes.”

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Lead image Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

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