7 Facts About Vegans and Vegan Hair Products You Need to Know

by charlottegw / last updated November 5, 2018

vegan hair products

With searches for vegan beauty up 281% since 2017* and clients keen to know more about the ingredients in their hair and beauty products, our seven facts will help get you clued up fast on vegan hair products and then wider industry.

  1. According to PETA’s list of chemicals and ingredients derived from animals there are generally over 20 of these found in shampoo and conditioner. These include gelatine or collagen (which comes from boiling bones, skin, tendons or ligaments of cows, pigs and horses) and also keratin (made from ground-up horns, hooves, feathers, quills or hair of various animals.)
  2. The vegan society trademark is a sunflower symbol and now appears on more than 8000 products (including hair and beauty) worldwide.
  3. More than 6% of UK beauty product launches in 2017 were vegan certified.
  4. There are 350% more vegans living in the UK compared to a decade ago and sales of vegan food have increased by 1500% in the last year alone.
  5. Millennials make up 42% of British vegans and according to Goldman Sachs are about to move into their prime spending years.
  6. There are currently 3.5 million UK vegans, that’s almost half the population of London.
  7. UK sales of vegan beauty products have soared by 38%.

A big thank you to Passion4Hair for providing these fast facts. Passion4Hair is a privately-owned distributor that delivers independent brands such as Malibu C (a vegan brand), and Eufora to independent salons.

*according to Pinterest

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