Evo Launches New ‘Don’t Buy It’ Digital Campaign

by hjiadmin / last updated January 30, 2019

evo 'don't buy it' campaign

Evo, the Australian haircare brand known for their no-nonsense attitude recently launched a new digital campaign.  ‘Don’t buy it-beauty is abundant, not in a bottle’ aims to pull consumers out of a detrimental mindset.

Evo believes this is an opportunity to inspire and encourage consumers. With this campaign the brand want to provoke questions against the standards and pressures surrounding beauty focusing on hypes, stereotypes and ‘the photoshop dream’. They hope to reach a global audience with this message and spark honest conversations.

Don’t Buy Into the Hype

Consumer culture and false expectations are more prevalent in the media, marketing and society than ever before. Conditioning also leads us to buy products we believe will provide the impossible ‘perfect life’ creating a vicious cycle. Evo acknowledges this with the slogan ‘bye to the buy, buy, buy’.

‘Saving the ordinary human from themselves’ is at the core of the campaign message as the ‘don’t buy it’ campaign challenges the status quo in new ways.  The evo online blog presents multiple concepts relating to the idea.’Trash is treasure’ and ‘off the grid’ are two that aim to propel consumers and society towards a better future,  filled with honest products that respect both people and the planet.

The brand now uses its various channels as platforms to spread this anti consumerism message. Through both their blog and social media they aim to celebrate individuals who live outside the restrictive expectations of society.

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