These are Europe’s Most Googled Hair and Beauty Questions 2019

by akesha / last updated September 11, 2019

most Googled hair and Beauty Questions

In the last twelve months, 3.3 million beauty questions were googled across Europe in 2019, displaying the public’s high demands for advice on trending trips and tricks on how to style their hair. In a recent survey Fragrance Direct found some intriguing insights into the minds of beauty lovers across Europe – what do you think are Europe’s most Googled hair and beauty questions?

Europe’s Most Googled Questions 

In Germany, the most searched question is ‘what hair colour best for me?’ and in Norway ‘how to curl hair with straighteners?’.

Both Italy and France’s top searched term is ‘How to grow your hair’, and in Croatia it seems that searchers are cutting out the hairstylist altogether, and chopping their lengthy locks themselves. Risky business.

Sweden, who are known for expert skincare and beauty products, are searching questions surrounding ‘primer’, and Finland simply want to know the best way for apply eyeshadow.

Alternatively, Cyprus and Switzerland want to what what microshading is, for those who don’t know, instead of jumping to switch on your laptop or smartphones, we’ve got a definition for you.

“Originally there was just microblading which became popular in around 2015. This treatment creates super fine, hair-like strokes using semi-permanent pigment that provides a long-term fix for thinning or sparse eyebrows. Now, that same treatment has been upgraded using a similar technique, but with a different form of application.

This treatment is called microshading and some experts believe it’s better suited for those with oily and sensitive skin or thicker eyebrows that only require a bit of shaping.”

The UK’s most Googled questions

While contouring and eyebrow treatments are currently a large trends in 2019, it seems, that we’re more unknowledgeable about what hair toner is, as 200, 000 of us Brits don’t know what it’s actual use is.

The haircare experts at Fragrance Direct said: “Hair toner is often used to add natural or more visible tones after a professional colour treatment. With rose gold, pink, and silver hair tones topping the list of 2019 trends, it comes as no surprise to see so many searches around hair toner.”

Apparently, haircare is proved more popular than makeup and skincare, as 107,500 searches emerged from the question ‘How to curl hair with straighteners’, then 49,800 from ‘How to grow your hair’ and 45,300 from ‘How to curl hair’.

From the 16 European countries that were analysed, haircare was the most searched for topic, followed by eyebrows and eye makeup.

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