Please Can Someone Tell Us What eBoy Hair Is? (New Gen Z Style Alert!)

by charlottegw / last updated October 9, 2019

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The latest Generation Z subculture, the so-called eBoy, has a specific look that it’s worth getting wise to. eBoy hair is always parted in the middle, falls just below the ear, is a bit messy, a touch greasy and is a definite revolt against time-consuming grooming.

You might recognise the eBoy look (the ‘e’ stands for electronic) from 1990s heartthrobs such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Joey from Friends. (But don’t tell the eBoy that they stole their signature from millennial icons, ok?)

If this is all new to you, here’s a brief summary of the eBoy and his likes and dislikes. The eBoy is most likely to be found posting on Tik Tok (the e-boy hashtag currently has over 500 million views on the platform), listening to Billie Eilish and sporting an oversized Champion sweatshirt. He’s sort of like an emo but happy, sober and addicted to his phone, rather than his MySpace.

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let’s go back to the 90’s

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Where does the eBoy hair trend come from?

Harking back to 1990s heartthrobs such as Leonardo DiCaprio, The Backstreet Boys and Joey from Friends, the look is pure nostalgia for the millennial generation. However, for generation Z it’s a retro trend they are adopting as their own.

Today, the most popular celebrities to rock the eBoy cut are members of the Korean Pop band BTS. The majority of the seven piece boy band rock a middle-part, ear-length hairstyle.

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Who can rock eBoy hair?

We caught up with Jim Shaw, owner of Essensuals and Essesuals Men to find out more about the men’s hair trend. “The great thing about this look is that it does work for most hair types and textures,” Jim says.

“However, the look particularly works well on those with thinner hair types who want to provide their hair with a bit more volume. Your client’s hair will need to be long enough for this style. In terms of product a texturising spray like a salt spray can be used to give hair added texture, a serum or oil if you want to give your client more of a wet look or a wax or pomade to give this hairstyle a more slicked back look.”

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