Four Easy Ways to Boost Business at Christmas in Your Salon

by lydiah / last updated October 23, 2019

boost business christmas salon

Clients of all ages are eager to show off a new cut and colour for the festive season. Follow these tips to attract new clients while keeping your existing ones satisfied.

Introduce a new service

Wella Professionals has launched the No Strings Attached Colour Service, which is a simple and affordable option for clients who want a quick yet noticeable colour transformation. The service is an ideal way to suggest colour to clients who are either colour shy or would like to end the year with a bang by experimenting with the latest new colour trend.

Wella Professionals’ technical director Robert Eaton says: “It’s all about healthy-looking hair as we get to winter, particularly at Christmas time. People want high impact shine and they want something that’s really easy and quick to do.” He adds: “Younger clients don’t visit the salon as often anymore. We might see someone every 12 weeks or sometimes longer.” Robert believes this service could get these clients back into the salon on a monthly or six-week basis.

Create a bespoke client package

Everyone wants to feel special, especially in the lead up to Christmas so why don’t you create a bespoke package tailored to your clients. A student package for example, could be advertised as a way for young people to de-stress from university or college life or a mum and daughter package could be presented as a gift idea for a mum or daughter before or after Christmas. Phil Smith of Smith England has worked with other lifestyle brands to make the salon more of a destination throughout the Christmas season. He says: “This has included nail and make-up artists who have come together to work with me for a package. This year, we are creating hair extension packages that include a complimentary restyle if a client books a full head application in November.”

Tap into the naturals trend

With so much competition on the high street it can be difficult to find ways to stand out. Clients are increasingly concerned about the welfare of the planet and the products they are putting onto their scalp so it would be wise to make your salon more sustainable and to promote how you are offering the gift of giving back to the planet this Christmas.

You could make your salon more sustainable by recycling products, considering ways to cut your water usage and stocking cruelty-free and vegan options for your clients.

Gina Conway says: “It’s essential to offer an attractive environment to draw new clientele into your salon for their Christmas prep. Clients are aware of the very real environmental issues we’re facing versus the overt over consumption associated with Christmas. Young people in particular are more interested in experiences than ‘stuff’ so by offering a sustainable atmosphere you can appeal to that ethos to grow your clientele.”

Tag a friend

Social media is the ideal way to attract clients, especially younger ones into your salon this Christmas. You can do this by encouraging existing clients to post their new looks on their Instagram feed and asking them to tag your salon and a friend in the post. If you really want to be savvy you could tell them the friend who is tagged and the existing client will both be able to get a discounted hair cut when the friend books their first appointment in your salon.

Jamie Stevens says: “Christmas really lends itself to Instagram and Facebook so get started early and tease some party looks and services along with messages to existing and new clients that they will need to book early. If you want to target a specific clientele, make sure the clients you post are a similar demographic. Invest in a ring light for your salon so clients can take great selfies and post the pictures for your own channel as well as theirs.”

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