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Dionne Smith Launches Afro Doll Head to Revolutionise Hairdressing Education

by eleanor / last updated December 9, 2020

Award-winning celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith has launched Ebony, a new afro doll head with 4A hair, which is set to revolutionise hairdressing training and education.

Launching in January 2021, the afro training head has been designed to replicate the texture, look and feel of 4A hair and is available in an off black colour (1B).

afro doll head

Part of Dionne Smith’s Signature Collection of professional products, the doll head hair length is approximately 16 inches when stretched and it can be washed, treated and heat styled (however the integrity of the hair can change when it reverts back).

afro doll head

In a year where racial inequality has been spoken about more than ever in recent years – including within the hairdressing industry – Dionne launched Ebony to help hairdressers train and build on their skills to work on Afro hair.

“When I started out as a hairdresser, I didn’t have the option to learn how to style on an Afro textured doll training head, we were really limited to straight hair types,” she said.

“With the natural hair movement continuing to grow, so many of us are embracing our natural hair texture. I wanted to make things easier for those who are on the early stages of their hairdressing journey.

“With that said, Ebony appeals to everyone really: professional stylists who are really keen to learn how to style Afro hair, hair influencers who are trying to up their game, and even parents who want to learn how to style their daughters’ and sons’ hair without any fuss,” she added.

“I’m really proud of Ebony. I really think this product will provide everyone with the chance to practice styling Afro hair, and crucially, people can learn at their own pace,” she said.

The doll head will retail for £150 and is available to pre-order at signaturebydionnesmith.com in January 2021.

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