Have you Seen David Beckham’s Grey Hair?

by hjiadmin / last updated January 30, 2019

David Beckham has never been afraid to experiment with his hair (remember the bleached mohawk of 2002?). His latest grey hair look has garnered just as much attention and is further proof that salt and pepper hair is a trend that’s here to stay.

No doubt with this will encourage more men to embrace their greys so be prepared for clients wanting to embrace their age and consider using bleach and silver or grey toners to ease the transition. Why not take a look at our gallery above for celebrity inspiration on how to style a client’s greys?

David has become known for his varied hairstyles and accessories over the years, bringing frosted tips into the 1990s mainstream and sporting a durag when he met Prince Charles. Thankfully in recent years he has refined his look and as he matured so too has his hair.

david Beckham grey hair

He is no stranger to grey hair and has previously worn his greying beard with pride. However, at the GQ dinner earlier this month Beckham’s hair which was styled into a quiff showed off some grey strands giving a cool salt and pepper effect. He dipped his toe into grey territory at the dinner to celebrate London Fashion Week Men’s (image above) and wore his grey hair alongside a suave grey suit.

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