Darrel Starkey Prepares to Support Skegness College Students

by kenzi / last updated January 20, 2022

Darrel Starkey

FAME Team member Darrel Starkey is all set to deliver an incredible learning experience for the hairdressing students of Skegness College.

The Denman supporter has created an exciting course for Level 2 and 3 students that will include a professional photoshoot that will give students quality images for their work portfolios.

Darrel looked to Denman Brush for support with this course, who are now supplying each of one the students with a full College Tool Kit – including 10 tools for all of their styling and cutting needs.

The course will be run over a number of months, with Darrel looking to inspire the next generation of stylists – as a Skegness native himself.

Darrel said: “I will be initially delivering The Fundamentals of session styling and hair prep and will be returning monthly to continue the enrichment program, which will conclude with a professional photoshoot. I love to inspire the next generation of the hair industry, so teaching in a college setting is important to me. I believe if I can inspire one student to keep going in the industry, I will have done my job!”

The session stylist is looking to encourage other hair professionals to offer their skills to colleges, as he looks to help progress rising stars of the industry.

“We can show them the endless possibilities a career in hair can provide. We are in control of the development and progression of our industry and know better than anyone how amazing a career as a hairdresser really is, so get involved,” continued Darrel.

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