Creative Ways Clients Can Wear Their Hair with a Face Covering

by eleanor / last updated September 21, 2020

Face mask hairstyles

With face masks and coverings becoming part of our everyday lives, clients are becoming more creative with their hair to accommodate – or even show off – their mask with face mask-friendly hairstyles.

“It is clear that masks are now becoming a fashion statement, they are the new accessory,” says Liz Burns, creative director and lead stylist of Goldie x Bob Salon in Denver, Colorado.

“I remember years ago visiting Tokyo and seeing the most stylish women with the most stylish masks, complimenting their looks, and I was in awe of that. I see this with my fellow hairdressers and clients starting to happen.”

Face mask hairstyles

This intentional mask accessorising is gaining momentum as clients put their own individual stamp on their look.

“Whether it’s using the long strings of the masks to incorporate into a braid instead of a scarf, or holding the ear loops of the masks back with a statement hair barrette, I think incorporating masks into a fashion statement will only become more massive as months go on,” says Liz.

 Will face coverings influence haircut requests in the salon?

 As well as getting creative with accessorising the face masks, Liz predicts that it could even influence what haircut clients might pick.

“I have to say overall that when we as a culture get an added way to express ourselves, it can trickle into various parts of our lives including what kind of haircut we will go for,” she says.

“With the mask-wearing regulations continuing while getting your haircut, I think the focus will be on either the fringe or the movement and shape within a cut, not necessarily the overall length,” she says.

“It is all about bringing attention to the eyes, the most visually expressive part of the face within mask-wearing parameters. I think any styles that have long and heavy lines such as a long A-line bob will be popular.”

“I think half-up styles where you can use the ear loops in part of the hairstyle by gathering the hair in a barrette. A bob pin on the ear loop and pinning it right at the hairline in the back of the ear can relieve some strain on the ears.”


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