Client No-Shows: The Worst Areas For Missed Appointments

by eleanor / last updated July 9, 2021

Client no-shows

Client no-shows have been a longstanding problem in the industry. In fact, this is the shocking amount that hair salons lose every year because of client no-shows.

Since reopening in April this year, 5% of clients have failed to show up for their hair appointment without giving notice, according to data from Phorest Salon Software.

Despite many salons being fully booked for months ahead of reopening, in some regions, almost 10% of clients are not turning up for their bookings.

The salon appointment booking and management software company estimates that no-shows are currently costing UK salons £2million every day in lost revenue from missed appointment bookings.

According to the research, clients in Berkshire, the West Midlands and parts of Yorkshire are the least respectful of busy therapists’ time and are far more likely to fail to show up for their booked appointments.

Meanwhile, those in areas such as Essex, Cumbria and Kent fall below the national average when it comes to no-shows. Below are the worst offending areas of the UK for client no-shows…

The worst places for salon no-shows in the UK

Below are the worst areas in the UK for client no-shows:

Berkshire 9.4%

West Midlands 8.7%

East Yorkshire 8.6%

South Yorkshire 8.1%

Greater Manchester 7.9%

Glamorgan 6.4%

Lancashire 6.1%

Cheshire 6.0%

Greater London 5.9%

Merseyside 5.9%

Aberdeenshire 5.7%

West Yorkshire 5.6%

Edinburgh 5.5%

Glasgow City 5.4%

North Yorkshire 5.0%

Hertfordshire 4.7%

Dorset 4.3%

Kent 4.1%

Cumbria 4.1%

Essex 4.1%

Phorest Salon Software chief executive Ronan Perceval said: “Much has been made throughout lockdown about supporting local businesses, but it’s important to remember that many salon owners, already struggling with reduced capacity due to social distancing measures, are left with empty seats and an opportunity cost of thousands of euro when people book appointments and don’t show up.”

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