Charlotte Mensah Announces New Book – Good Hair

by akesha / last updated February 19, 2020

Charlotte Mensah releases new book

Three-time winner of Afro Hairdresser of the Year at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, Charlotte Mensah, has announced she will be releasing a book.

Good Hair: The essential guide to afro, textured and curly hair will be released on 17 September 2020, to coincide with World Afro Day, London Fashion Week and the lead up to Black History Month, all elements that are highly influential in Charlotte’s styling philosophy.

Drawing on Charlotte’s nearly 30 years of experience, the book will answer everything anyone has ever wanted to know about hair – from the best protective styles to sport to how to prevent hair loss and which products to avoid for optimum hair health.

The book will be published by Penguin Life. The publishing house comments, “This feels long overdue – the first of its kind, this book is a comprehensive and elegantly designed guide to healthy curly hair. Charlotte Mensah’s expertise is second-to-none: her advice will act as a corrective to the conflicting and sometimes misguided advice that can be found online. Black women, in particular, spend six times as much as their white counterparts on hair products – we know that there are many people out there looking for guidance. We believe that this will become the definitive book on hair for anyone in search of answers. We’re so thrilled to share this gem with the rest of the world.”

Charlotte is understandably excited about the book, she says, “It’s a joy to be publishing this book with Penguin Life. When I started out as a hairdresser, Afro specialists were few and far between. Good Hair is the culmination of nearly three decades spent working with curly hair types. I’m so excited to be sharing my story for the first time as well as everything I’ve learned. Good Hair is an education, a call to empowerment and a lesson in looking after – and therefore loving – our hair.”

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