Wigs Galore at Charles Jeffrey Show for AW20 with John Vial for Revlon Professional

by lydiah / last updated January 13, 2020

John Vial for Revlon professional aw20

At the Charles Jeffrey show in collaboration with Revlon Professional for London Fashion Week Men’s AW20, some theatrical and elaborately-styled wigs were spotted down the runway. The lead hairstylist, John Vial for Revlon Professional was the artistic mind who created the sculptural and stand out Glaedyhoots-style wigs.

The hairstyle complimented the high fashion and high profile show, with the wigs matching the extravagance of the clothes. The wigs were styled in a variety of colours including blue, yellow, orange, brown and blonde.

John explains: “The hair was heavily influenced by Charles’ love of Scotland and the Celtic heritage. The Glaedyhoots-style wigs took up to 9 hours to create using a Rick Rack technique where the hair was weaved in a figure of eight around a pin almost like crochet.  This was then heated, the pin removed and brushed through to give a neat candy floss texture with bountiful volume through the ends.”

The delicate beauty of the wigs were inspired by the ethereal art by renowned 20th century artist Margaret McDonald Mackintosh, in particular her popular piece The Mysterious Garden. John continues  “We really wanted to bring this look into the 21st century, so I incorporated styling I had previously worked on with Singer-Songwriter Bjork, which embodied a similar aesthetic but with smooth roots and structure throughout.”

Charles gave Clare Holmes, creative & artistic educator for Revlon Professional and I free rein over the colour choice, so Clare and I played with the Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Creme to create the beautiful pastel tones. They really are pieces of art and I’m extremely proud of the team.”

Products used for the wigs:

  • Revlon Professional Style Masters Modular Mousse
  • Revlon Professional Style Masters Photo Finisher Hairspray
  • Revlon Professional Style Masters Glamourama Shine Spray

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