Celebrity Style: Hair Hell to Hair Heaven

by / May 9, 2009

Even celebrities have their off days, but HJi finds out with just a little help hair hell can become hair heaven… Katie Holmes 

Hair hell: Shapeless, dull “There is a structure to Katie’s hair but it is having a day off from being styled. If a client comes into the salon with a poorly structured haircut take into account the face shape, hair type and head structure.”

Hair heaven: Shiny, beautiful cut “This is styled to perfection. A smoothing balm has been applied to the ends before the hair has been dried. Straightening irons have been used to smooth the ends, adding extra shine to Katie’s hair.”

Andy Heasman, Rush London

 Britney Spears

Hair hell: Dark roots, lank, lifeless “Britney can get it so right and so horribly wrong. This is the trailer-trash side of Britney that just keeps coming out and ruining all the good work she has achieved.”

Hair heaven: Healthy-looking, full of life “This look shows the massive difference a great finish can make. She looks like she’s had some serious conditioning. Britney has had her roots done here, and the bleach used would have had a lightweight, soft ash toner for a lovely twist on this blonde. Clients are usually in need of a simple reform rather than a dramatic makeover – a freshen-up, root overhaul and a bit of pampering.”

Lisa Shepherd, Lisa Shepherd Salons, Kidderminster

Cheryl Cole

Hair hell: Limp, long locks “Although this straighter style looks okay, it’s a bit limp and lifeless, and ultimately makes the extensions look too long and heavy.”

Hair heaven: Shiny, voluminous tresses “When clients leave the salon with hair like this they look and feel a million dollars. To transform the limp look to a mass of curls, spray hair with a heat protection product and blow-dry using a large round brush. Place a big roller into each section. When you finish, release all the rollers and tong the bottom for extra curls. Finish with a shine spray. We’re encouraging clients to add this to their hair routine for show-stopping hair.”

HJ’s 2008 Southern Hairdresser of the Year Rae Palmer, Southsea, Portsmouth




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