Celebrate The Jubilee With This Union Jack Technique

by chloeweldon / last updated June 1, 2022

Christabel Legrand Jubilee Hair

The Jubilee is just around the corner and to celebrate, Pulp Riot Artist Christabel Legrand uses the Union Jack technique to add interest to long hair, using pastel tones for a softer, pink with pieces of muted blues and greys. But it would also be great if you wanted to use red, white and blue for the ultimate Jubilee inspired hair.

“By taking a section either side of the parting, you are creating a veil section that will lay over the underneath sections of colours. This means hair may be bright, but is super wearable. It’s ideal for someone who wants that peekaboo colour and by adjusting the tones to a more pastel version, you can create a super soft, more commercial look which is great for clients dipping their toes into having a more creative colour,” says Christabel.

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Get the look

  1. Separate the hair into quadrants.
  2. Take equal parts 1cm deep each side of the quadrant sections, to create a cross that runs down the centre part and from ear to ear.
  3. This will be your ‘red’ section, so choose the tones you want, I used Semi Permanent Fireball and Cupid.
  4. Down the middle of each quadrant, take a triangular section and paint red.
  5. Either side, working outwards create a light section, this will be your ‘white’ section, I used Mercury and Lilac.
  6. Finally on the last section, paint it blue, such as Nightfall or Nemesis. When you look at it from above, it is the Union Jack!

Jubilee Union Jack Technique Hair

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