What is it Like Colouring the Hair for a Huge Campaign?

by akesha / last updated May 20, 2019

brad baker gucci campaign

As a session hairdresser, being chosen for a huge designer campaign can be equally flattering and nerve-wrecking. Despite the hair not being the main focus it’s the thing that ties the image together, enhances the beauty of the clothes and makes consumers want to buy into the brand.

Gucci’s pre-fall 2019 collection is a homage to the punk scene in London’s late 80s so Brad Baker, the colourist for the campaign got to experiment with a range of colour to create the final looks.

“Punk rock subculture moved through the UK in the 80’s and the revolution prominent in our style was inspiring and in sync with Crazy Color as the brand was established in 1977 amidst this movement,” said Brad.

So how did he create the looks?

“Each look was a story in itself and the hair colour brief was to create worn in colour that looked almost aged with a DIY feel and effect. The clothing was textured, printed and eclectic and the overall vibe was opulent and diverse. I echoed this in the hair colour and the looks were uniquely crafted to represent individuality.”

One of the standout colours in the campaign is the coral Mohican. “For the Mohican we wanted to create some banding to make it feel more authentic and add to that worn in look,” commented Brad. “To achieve this, I used Crazy Color Peachy Coral and Neutral to achieve a lighter oxidised tone. This was carefully blended into the more over saturated Orange to establish that banding.”

“A number of the looks were inspired by that infamous at home bleach job look. I created this using bleach and then coated the hair in Crazy Color Fire to inject a vibrant pop of colour that would tie the look together and echo the punk scene inspiration reference.”

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