Britney Celebrates End of Conservatorship with New Blonde Hair Look

by eleanor / last updated November 16, 2021

Britney New Blonde Hair

It’s often said that someone who changes their hair is marking a life milestone. And as Britney Spears’ 13-year long conservatorship came to an end last week on Friday 12 November, Britney took to Instagram with buttery blonde hair.

Britney’s New Blonde Hair

Dimitris Giannetos, a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles, was behind Britney’s new butter blonde colour and posted on Instagram: “B R I T N E Y 💕 New butter blonde LOCKS for @britneyspears by urs truly”.

Britney also posted multiple posts and videos to her Instagram page on the day her conservatorship ended, showing off her new but subtle creamy, buttery blonde hair shade.

Before the subtle hair colour change, Britney ‘s hair had slightly cooler tones throughout the lengths.

Dimitris has worked with Britney on a number of her hair looks in recent years, including Britney’s Piece of Me tour. The celebrity hairstylist has also worked with a number of celebrities, including Nicole Scherzinger, Cindy Crawford and Ava Max.

Speaking of 90s icons, this iconic fringe is making a huge comeback.

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