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British Hairdressing Business Awards Winners Share What They’ve Gained

by laurahusband / last updated August 13, 2020

There are about to be a whole new set of winners crown for the British Hairdressing Awards 2019. So as a  part of their final business panel the winners of last year’s awards explain what they’ve gained from winning  last September and share their three main business tips that you could apply in your business.

Name: Christian Wiles
Salon: Christian Wiles Hairdressing
Award: Male Grooming Salon of the Year

“It was such an honour to have won this award twice over the past few years. It’s fantastic to see how much it means to my team and also to our salon clients. Winning this award creates a remarkable sense of pride for both those who work at the salon and those who visit our salon. Our clients are still talking about the win and there has been a real buzz around the salon over the past 12 months. We’ve found we can use the award in our marketing materials, and this has certainly generated new business and built local awareness of our brand.”

Christian’s steps to success:

  • Treat clients, colleagues, suppliers and peers in the way you would wish for yourself and your family to be treated. This commands respect and loyalty which I believe are two of the most critical elements for running a successful business.
  • Remain focussed on exceeding expectations and delivering excellence in an authentic way that is true to your beliefs and your brand vision. From time to time, you may need to realign your strategy, but your end goals should always be clear and measurable.
  • Surround yourself with positive energy and create a team who are hungry to learn and develop their skills. Investing in your people and ongoing education is the one of the best investments you can make to set your business apart.

Name: Salv Mulé
Salon: Academy Salons, Cobham
Award: Retail Salon of the Year

“Never give up on your goal. We’d being trying to win the retail salon category for three years and have been shortlisted a few times. Failure is never an option so we carried on year after year improving our approach, offering and abilities and three years later achieved we what we set out to do. Team work is key – educate your team to follow your company ethos and to achieve their personal and professional goals. You should always lead by example, and never ask people to do something you’re not prepared to do yourself as otherwise your team will never fully respect you.”

Salv’s steps to success:

  • Begin the day with the end of the day in mind. Focus on the end goal and the standards and strategies required to reach it successfully.
  • Provide peerless education for your team and praise them individually and collectively. Don’t put your team down and always tell the team at least one positive point before giving them constructive feedback.
  • Most important of all – lead by example as you should be a leader and not a boss.

Name: Hannah Kernick
Salon: H&Co Hair Salon
Awards: Customer Care, Independent Salon – Business Newcomer and Salon Design

“Entering the awards, becoming a finalist and if fortunate a winner like ourselves has helped us to understand our business.  It has forced us to improve our processes and procedures and kept us in touch with the industry as a whole. Overall it’s helped us to stay at the very top of our game in the area that we work. It’s also been a great opportunity to involve our staff in attending awards as they get to meet other hairdressers and big names in the industry who they respect and admire. It’s motivational for staff and it’s fabulous for marketing our salon and being able to say we are a multi award-winning salon has helped us to gain new clients.”

Hannah’s steps to success:

  • Base your pricing strategy on costs and profits rather than what other people charge around you.
  • Become a point of difference for at least one thing in your area. This will give people a reason to visit your salon over and above the general services that you and all of your competitors provide.
  • Network and work with other hairdressers in your area. Throw away the negative and competitive attitude and share ideas, resources and training to raise the bar for all of the salons in your area.

Name: Janet Maitland
Salon: Janet Maitland Hair Excellence
Award: Business Director of the Year

“Ultimately I’ve learned that I should have had much more confidence in myself and my team many years ago. I had always imagined that you needed to be a ‘famous’ hairdresser to win such an accolade as Business Director of the Year. It’s fantastic to be recognised by your peers within the professional hairdressing industry, but my life hasn’t changed. I believe you need to just keep on loving your job, caring for your team and loving the people around you.

Janet’s steps to success:

  • Remember to enjoy every day that you are part of this creative and caring industry.
  • Always speak positively to your team, especially when someone leaves, because if you love them enough to let them go, they may love you enough to come back.
  • Always be honest in your accounts, words and deeds. Your team and people around you will respect you for this and will want to be beside you on your journey.

Name: Mila Timberlake and Natalia Irvine
Salon: Rainbow Room International
Award: Front of House Team

“To be named the British Hairdressing Business Awards’ Front of House Team is such an honour. The whole experience has given us the confidence to go on and learn more, achieve more and become the best we can possibly be. This is a fantastic achievement for us and to be recognised for being the best at what we do within the hairdressing industry is a proud moment. It’s also been amazing to be featured in the local press in Uddingston. We continue to strive to learn and adapt to ensure our Front of House team and client experience are the very best.”

Mila and Natalia’s steps to success:

  • Keep learning – be sure to learn something new everyday
  • Always smile, a happy welcome is key for clients and can help set the tone and positive vibe within the first five minutes of an appointment.
  • Be organised and ensure you are set for the week ahead – we love to-do lists!

Name: Lisa Walby
Salon: Francesco Group, Cheltenham
Award: Franchisee of the Year

“What I have learned from being a business awards winner is that success in one area of your business can sometimes result in a loss of focus or drive in another area of the business. This means you always need to try and spin as many plates as you can at all times. There is absolutely no short cut to success. It requires hard work, focus and passion all of the time. I personally love analogies and my favourite this year is from Sophia Hilton who said: Your business is like a sand castle – it often gets swept away with the tide, but the fun is building it back up again!”

Lisa’s steps to success:

  • Keep regular communication with individuals in your team.
  • Never assume you know what others needs and desires will be.
  • Always expect change around the corner – it’s inevitable and change will make you stronger.

Name: Mimi Kobayashi
Salon: Billi Currie
Award: Salon Stylist of the Year

“I am very proud to have won this award and it has given me more confidence in the salon. I’ve enjoyed being able to offer education and share my knowledge since winning. For example, I was invited to attend more seminars and to teach at industry events to inspire my team and guests at the Billi Currie Salon. I’ve spoken to new companies since winning the award and I’ve become a Schwarzkopf digital ambassador. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet and work with lots of business salon owners and hair artists. Finally I’ve become busier in the salon as some clients have found me on social media, including some from abroad as well.

Mimi’s steps to success:

  • Look – take a look around you and see what is going well and what can be done differently.
  • Listen – spend time listening to those around you and those
  • Learn – Three L is in life is very important to me. I was told by very important business leader many years ago.

Name: Melissa Timperley
Salon: Melissa Timperley Salons
Award: Marketing Award

“I was delighted to win the marketing award– it was the highlight of our business year. The award gave us the endorsement from highly respected business professionals in our industry that we were doing all of the right things. Not only has the award given me and the team at Melissa Timperley Salons increased confidence, it’s also brought in many new clients to the salon who were attracted by the fact we’ve won an award from a respected industry body.”

Melissa’s steps to success:

  • The first step is to enter these awards as winning is such a great accolade and one of our proudest moments. The trophy stands on our reception desk and is a great talking point with clients.
  • Marketing has been part of our development from day one when I opened the doors over 30 months ago. We plan our marketing strategy every couple of months and always study the results to see how each campaign worked.
  • Try and be different and know your niche. Consider what you can offer your clients that no one else can and put that into your marketing strategy. We do things differently here and it is fantastic that our fabulous client journey has been recognised.

Name: Steve Rowbottom and Marc Westerman
Salon: Westrow Academy
Award: Training Award

“It’s always wonderful to win an award but winning the Training award for the second time was a huge accolade for us. We made the decision to invest heavily in education when we bought our Leeds city centre-based educational academy in 2013. After an initial £1 million investment, we have poured our heart and soul into driving the business to establish it as a leading centre of educational excellence. Winning this prestigious award has helped cement that reputation. It proves to our affiliates that we are serious about standards and the development of students and the industry at large. We have loved every minute of holding the title – thank you to HJ and the judges for choosing us.”

Steve and Marc’s steps to success:

  • Business longevity requires continual evolution. You have to adapt to a continually evolving landscape and know that if your mind-set stays the same, your business won’t be sustainable.
  • While good business acumen alongside creative direction and energy makes for a thriving business, continuous focus and a desire to exceed your customer expectations should always be at the forefront of your mind.
  • 3) Speed of response must be a key element of your business DNA, in terms of your staff as well as your clients. This ensures you develop and sustain a business that offers what they want and need.

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