Boost Your Salon’s Retail Sales with the Support Your Salon Initiative

by eleanor / last updated November 6, 2020

Support your salon

Support Your Salon is a new initiative which allows hair salons in the UK to receive an income from retail sales while salons are closed in lockdown due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Salon clients can support their favourite local salon when they purchase their normal salon professional products and Christmas gifts via the website, which acts as the online shop for the salon’s normal website.

Clients simply type in the name of their local salon and its postcode into the website at point of purchase, and the salon will receive a share of the money.

The campaign was set up by Jeff Letter, managing director at Penney’s Hair Group, which has salons is Essex and Suffolk, who also has a subsidiary distribution business.

The initiative was set up to enable salons to still have an income stream and not lose out on the Q4 sales they would have lost to large internet suppliers.

“This would have been a busy retail time for salons. A large percentage of retail sales come between now and Christmas,” said Jeff. “And if nothing is done to help salons they will lose out on a large percentage of their retail sales, which for some salons could mean the difference between being in business or not,” he said.

“The profitability of hair salons has been constantly squeezed over recent years, and this is in no small part due to online retailers selling, what on occasions, have been counterfeit products and we are hoping this project goes some way to reversing that trend,” he added.

Salon owners are being encouraged to get in contact and register to be able to take advantage of the website to better support their business. They can visit and fill in the salon owners form to start to benefit from this project.


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