Behind the Scenes of the HJ X BaByliss PRO November Cover Shoot…

by charlottegw / last updated November 8, 2021

harriet stokes babyliss

HJ joined BaByliss PRO behind the scenes of their latest collection, with their boldest brief yet. Eight stylists, each with their own very different signature styles and techniques, were tasked with creating something that is truly and uniquely them. In a time where individuality is everything, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools by our side that can help us do just about anything…

Each of the looks makes up one of HJ’s eight covers for their November issue. Head here to see the images and the collection in all its glory!

Below, the stylists get real about the inspiration behind their looks!

sam burnett

Look: Textured Shag
Products used:
Italia BRAVA with diffuser
Titanium Expression 25mm Curling Tong
“The Titanium Expression 25mm Curling Tong is the prefect size to enhance the hair’s natural texture. The adjustable heat settings gave me the ultimate control to create the irregular feeling within the curls.”

Top tip:

Adjust the size of the sections of hair and the heat setting to create a very natural feeling texture within the hair. Use the clamp of the tong to your advantage, kicking the ends of the hair in the opposite direction to the wind, as so to create a more irregular and natural feeling.

“Innovating can be about reinventing a classic. The Shag is a classic style, but we’re adding more texture and embracing natural textures, which makes it feel relevant and exciting.”

tariq howes babyliss shoot

Look: Juice Cut
Products used: Italia BRAVA Dryer with diffuser
Cordless Super Motor Clipper
Cordless Super Motor Skeleton Trimmer

 “The power of the clipper and the sharpness of the blades make cutting this texture hair so much more easier, not to mention being cordless and having a long battery life gives me so much more freedom when cutting and creating shapes like this.”

Top tip: Use the Super Motor Clipper to take down the bulk on top and also create the graduation on the sides (fade). Then use the Skeleton Trimmer to make the parting, and also line up the outline of the haircut before going back with the clipper to create the shape and two step level of the high top cut.

“My inspiration was late 80s and early 90s new jack swing. This cut was popular at that time, thanks to Tupac Shakur who wore it in the film Juice. It’s sharp, creative and fun.”

pete cranfield babyliss pro

Look: Blurred Lines
Products used:
Italia BRAVA with diffuser
Cordless Super Motor Clipper
Cordless Super Motor Skeleton Trimmer

“As a barber the Super Motor Clippers are my absolute go-to, but for this look I loved the Italia BRAVA dryer because of the perfect speed and heat settings – allowing me to use a slow speed, high heat setting to mould the hair into shape and quickly switch to a cold setting to lock the style in.”

Top tip:

Use the Super Motor Clippers to clean up the edges of the hair before you start and to quickly remove any bulk you need to. Then switch it up and go in with the Skeleton Trimmers for anything more detailed, like lining up the stubble and nape area.”

“I wanted to create something that wasn’t necessarily seen as a traditional barbering look, something that softened the definition between masculine and feminine. There’s no harsh fades or skin exposure, just soft natural edges.”

michelle sultan

Look: Triple Pony Threat
Products used:
Titanium Expression Deep Waver
“The waver is great for creating texture through the hair at a super fast speed – simple and super edgy!”

Top tip:

Section off the ponytails and use the Deep Waver on small sections to pop the texture into the hair, passing quickly and lightly down throughout the hair to give the hair movement.

“I really like the idea of creating something structured but with texture. The hair sculpted around the face is my little nod to the 90s trend.”

ky wilson

Look: Copper Curls
Products used: Rapido Dryer with diffuser
Titanium Expression 13mm Curling Tong
Titanium Expression 16mm Curling Tong
Titanium Expression 19mm Curling Tong
“The Titanium Expression wands and tongs range from ultra-skinny at 10mm right up to a chunky 38mm barrel size – this means you’re always prepared and your curling possibilities on any hair length are endless.”

Top tip:

The first thing is to diffuse the hair upside down to get the most amount of volume possible. Then you need to take each curl separately and use the tongs to enhance what is already there – the 13mm Curling Tong creates a tighter and shorter curl so I used this around the crown and fringe. Change up the size of the tong throughout and leave some curls untouched to get that really natural look.

“It isn’t any secret that I’m obsessed with auburn curly hair and I love embracing natural texture, but using my knowledge to enhance it making the hair look the best it possibly can. Think airy, bouncy, ethereal, auburn curly hair and you’ve nailed my signature style.”

matt suttcliffe

Look: Tousled Bob
Products used:
Italia BRAVA Dryer
Prima 3100 Slim Straightener

“The Prima 3100 is the perfect hybrid – a straightener with outside heated plates that double up as a curling tool, as well as the extra benefit of precise heat control. Doesn’t get much better than that!”

Top tip:

First of all, take advantage of the dryer’s concentrated airflow by using the angled nozzle to smooth down flyaway hairs. To create an undone wave with the straightener, move the plates in an ’S’ shape – the heat on the outside of the plates will help to lock in this shape.

“I’m really into strong haircuts, particularly from the 70s, as well as modern fashion campaigns such as Gucci, Prada and Versace. Right now, they are all embracing the ‘Mod’ vibe for what is about to come next in fashion.”

richard phillipart

Look: Regal Texture
Products used: Italia BRAVA Dryer with diffuser
“The heat and speed settings for the Italia BRAVA along with the incredible diffuser attachment make this the only dryer I ever use for textured hair, from curls to coils.”

Top tip: Make sure that the dryer is set to the highest heat, but the lowest speed to slowly warm up the texture allowing the natural movement to form without being blown around and creating frizz.

“The beauty of natural texture was my inspiration. I think it is important to show this in all its beauty. Embracing and refining the natural texture of coily hair to elevate and reclaim its beauty, bringing the hair that nature gave you centre stage and front cover!”

harriet stokes babyliss

Look: Cool Girl Texture
Products used:
Rapido Dryer
Titanium Expression Deep Waver
“I am absolutely obsessed with the gorgeous texture that you can create using the Deep Waver – it’s consistent and adaptable to whatever you’re trying to do.”

Top tip:

First prep the hair with a salt spray and dry in to create the right texture and hold. Work with the Deep Waver through fine sections and go from the bottom up from root to tip, repeating throughout the hair. Make sure that each section sits in line with the section below to create more uniform finished look.

“I always look for inspiration in every day life, and over the summer I came across a really beautiful interior design shop where I found loads of gorgeous hair accessories. I wanted to create a look that was fun and playful with them but also using them to create a stronger shape on this cool girl texture.”

Want to find out more? Watch the behind the scenes footage from the shoot…

Head here to see the collection in all its glory!

This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with BaByliss PRO.

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