How Do You Create A Killer Men’s Hairdressing Collection?

by charlottegw / last updated August 20, 2020

mens hairdressing collection

From the planning stages to achieving the final shot, Ross Charles reveals the work that goes into creating a men’s hairdressing collection. It’s perfect reading if you’re entering the Men’s Hairdressers of the Year category at the British Hairdressing Awards (remember the deadline Friday 5pm, 28 August!).

Find out how he casts models, the length of time it takes him to nail a shoot and how to know when you’ve got the perfect shot.

The planning
“In terms of finding inspiration for my shoots I always keep an open mind and try to think creatively no matter what I’m doing. I often take my inspiration from previous decades and eras. For example, my 2018 RECOIL collection [pictured as the lead image] was heavily inspired by the 1970s.”

Model behaviour
“I’ve recently set up a web page specifically to cast models. My goal is to create a bank of models that I have an excellent working relationship with. When casting it is important to consider not only the models’ hair but also their face because it can be a challenge to create a strong image with a model whose face doesn’t sit in line with the look you want to portray.”

Choosing the team
“I am a trained photographer so on some of my shoots as well as doing the hair and styling, I also shoot the images. This provides me with complete creative control and it’s great knowing that every element has been created by me. My father is a photographer so he has shot some of my collections in the past. In terms of make-up artists, I think it’s important to view an extensive portfolio before agreeing to collaborate – make-up is crucial to creating a strong image.”

The shoot itself
“Don’t be afraid to play around with lots of different looks. As I have the luxury of shooting the images myself, I tend to shoot over a number of days over a month or two. Some days I create two or three strong looks and other days I may struggle to create one that I am 100% happy with so this way of working suits me perfectly.”

The final image
“Realising you have a great final image is a feeling that is hard to describe. If you are only 99% happy with it and have a feeling inside that something could be improved, you should always trust your gut.”

Shooting stars
Ross shares three tips to help you create an amazing collection:

  1. Don’t think a shoot demands a big budget. I’m resourceful so I often style shoots myself. I’m always spotting amazing pieces and I keep them for future collections.
  2. Always play music on a shoot. It creates an electric atmosphere that boosts the creativity of your whole team.
  3. Allow yourself time. I give myself room for trial and error because it’s unlikely that the first look you create will be ‘the’ final one but you have to start somewhere.

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