Barber Backchat: Luke Pluckrose from SAKS Men Shares his Most Embarrassing Moment

by charlottegw / last updated August 16, 2018

Luke Pluckrose from SAKS Men

Luke Pluckrose from SAKS Men will be appearing on the HJ Men stage at this year’s Salon International. In our online Barber Backchat series, we caught up with him to find out what he’s planning for his stage slot, what his most embarrassing moment is and how he would describe himself in three words.

What are you planning for your stint on the HJ Men stage?
I’ll be showcasing an inspirational, modern take on classic gents hair.

Describe the moment you knew you wanted to go into men’s hairdressing?
I’ve always done men’s hair and now we have started SAKS Men, being at the forefront of that it is really something I’m enjoying getting involved.

What’s your favourite hair image?
I loved Ky Wilson’s winning L’Oréal Colour Trophy image from 2017.

What is your favourite Salon International memory?
When I was an assistant I was involved in the Toni & Guy shows at Salon International and it just showed me what this industry has to offer. I wanted to be a part of it.

What makes you feel proud?
Sharing knowledge and hopefully motivating further talent with in the industry.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Being caught on film head banging to Guns n’ Roses wearing  a blonde wig I’d just made for a show.

Where will we find you at Salon International when you’re not on stage?
Hopefully catching up with friends and getting to see other people’s work that can inspire me. It’s not often you get so many talented hairdressers under one roof. 

How would you sum yourself up in three words?
Messy, disorganised and creative.

Luke Pluckrose and SAKS Men will be appearing on the HJ Men stage on Saturday 13 October at 12.30pm. Want to see Luke and a whole host of other big names in action? Head here to book your tickets.

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