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Baby Hairs – How to Style and Take Care of Them Without Damaging The Hairline

by hjiadmin / last updated June 24, 2019

90’s hairstyles are coming back in fashion. From catwalks to the red carpet, styling baby hairs is becoming the norm. Celebrities such as Zendaya and Rihanna are embracing it, so your clients requests probably won’t be far off?

Where does baby hairs styling come from?

Styling them has been practised in the African-American and Latina communities for decades. It carries a cultural and historical significance and has always represented a symbol of beauty within the Black community.

Gelled down edges look became trendy in the early 1990s. Lead by the likes of Rozonda Thomas, Chili from TLC and all the biggest R&B celebrities of the decade sported them.

With Beyonce announcing; “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros” in her song “Formation”, the laid edges trend was popularised again and the growing wig movement for Black woman has propelled it further with the gelled down edges giving lace-front wigs a more natural, realistic look.

From Jennifer Lopez to Kylie Jenner, celebrities showed us those baby hairs are that little something that can bless you with a more youthful appearance.

How can you make baby hairs relevant to today’s client?

These fine, feathery hairs rest right on the hairline and are known to be notoriously tricky to control.

Unfortunately, just like with a fringe,  oil and product buildup on baby hairs can sometimes lead to breakouts on a client’s forehead. The wispy hairs should be treated with care, but still it’s important to keep their way of showcasing the unique display of individual expression.

Charlotte Mensah, a three time winner of Afro Hairdresser of the Year suggests to “gently comb the hair along the hairline into place using a toothbrush,” and then “wet it with a spray bottle and use your fingers to get a good grip on the hair use a small amount of edge control with your toothbrush.”

Charlotte’s Pro Tip:
“The baby hairs on the front hairline tend to get dry and break off easily so try not to over dry or heat style them.”

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