So Autumn’s Trending Hair Shades Are All Named After Drinks…

by charlottegw / last updated October 4, 2019

autumn drinks hair trend

The days when clients asked for their hair to be coloured blonde, brunette or red are but a distant memory, this autumn they’re requesting their locks mirror their favourite seasonal drinks.

Whether it’s caramel mocha balayage or an apple cider hue they’re after, creative colour has only got more creative and to stay ahead of the colour game it’s essential to know the lingo.

To help you brush up on this season’s top trends, we’ve asked the experts to pick their top drinks-inspired shades that you and your clients can’t help but fall for this Autumn.

Apple Cider

“Apple Cider colour is best suited to a paler complexion. This shade is perfect for natural redheads when introducing a lighter shade, or clients with cooler undertones as it creates an interesting tonal clash of warm and cool. Apple Cider hair colour sits somewhere between a rosy pink lady and an orange-y, autumnal Braeburn –  soft shade of copper blonde with golden and pinkish accents. This colour is best work as a punchy global colour, or as an interesting tonal wash used to refresh a balayage for seasonal update.”
Issie Churcher, colour director, Brooks & Brooks, London

Caramel Mocha Balayage

“Mirroring the subtle infusion of coffee and cocoa, the delicious new season colour of mocha caramel is an effortless weaving of a rich brown base with balayage painted caramel shimmering on top. Think of it as milky coffee and chocolate swirling and dancing, as the peachy tone highlights are sun-catchers and glisten and give the hair movement. When worn with gentle waves, the colour brings dimension so that all kinds of hair looks fuller. To ensure the caramel retains its brightness, use products such as Pro You Color Shampoo from Revlon Professional, or silver shampoo to minimise brassiness and keep all the zing!”
Anne Veck, owner of Anne Veck in Oxford

Pumpkin Spiced Punch

“When it comes to hair colour, using descriptive language is key for clients – you engage on a more emotional level. Nothing epitomises autumn more than a warm Pumpkin Spice Punch, it’s the perfect drink for darker, colder nights! Showing visuals is also key as pumpkin spice can look and sound very different to everyone as we all see colour differently. To me, Pumpkin Spice is rich, vibrant and earthy. Going naturally warmer and more vibrant is the way forward for the copper and red palettes. This tone goes perfectly with the strong, geometric colours we are seeing more of for AW19. We are moving away from root stretches and freehand for more creative colour placement – and Pumpkin Spice is perfect for this.”
Warren Boodaghians, head of technical at HOB Salons

Ginger Beer

“What’s fantastic about the ginger beer hue is that it can be customised to suit an individual’s comfort level. Deeper shades are a wonderful way to introduce your client to colour without it being a dramatic change. However it’s enough to give the hair an all-over warm glow. This trend also works well for those with pale strawberry blonde and light copper hair, it’s easy to update their look to something a bit deeper and brooding for autumn/winter. Reds and coppers are notoriously high maintenance so it’s important to regularly glaze the hair to maintain colour vibrancy and stop the colour looking washed out.”
Jason Hogan, celebrity and expert colourist at Josh Wood Atelier

Featured image courtesy of @mrjasonhogan

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