ASP Welcome New Talent To Colour Rebels Artistic Team

by chloeweldon / last updated April 14, 2022

ASP Colour Rebels Artistic Team 2022

Global haircare brand, ASP Expert Haircare have welcomed six new talented stylists to their latest Colour Rebels artistic team, having been successfully selected at the final judging event which took place on Sunday 27 March.

Eleven talented finalists presented their own model to the ASP judging panel, comprising of global ambassador Tracey Devine-Smith, UK & Ireland education manager Sara Solomon-Jones and ASP brand director Philip Sharp.

Nicola Hamm, Andrew Gladwell, Mia Rowley, Darrel Starkey and Jon Aherne won their place on the coveted ASP Colour Rebels Programme after their artistic creations were crowned top spot. The talented five will also be joining Aimee Goodwin on the Colour Rebels Artistic Team, who deferred her place from the Second Generation programme due to maternity.

An incredible two years awaits the six new Colour Rebels as they are embark upon an intensive period of education and development with global ambassador Tracey Devine Smith and the ASP education team, before being catapulted into the limelight on the global stage to launch their professional new collection which will be shot later in the year.

Here, we introduce you to the six new Colour Rebels, who reflect on their journey to being awarded a place on the ASP Colour Rebels Artistic Team and what strengths they will bring:

Darrel Starkey

ASP Colour Rebel Darrel Starkey

“My winning look was inspired by the Northern Lights, demonstrating how colour can pop by using light and dark tones.

I would like to think the niche I will bring to the third generation Colour Rebels team is that I am adaptable and learn quickly. Colour and session styling would be my strengths that would help in stage photoshoot work.”

Nicola Hamm

ASP Colour Rebel Nicola Hamm

“The idea for my look was based upon a ‘look twice’ concept, using a mixture of vivid and softer shades, drawing inspiration for the colours from old fashioned sweets, like rhubarb and custard and fruit salad.

“I absolutely love styling, especially braiding. I’m always trying to learn new techniques and challenge myself.”

Andrew Gladwell

ASP Colour Rebel Andrew Gladwell

“My winning look was a matrix inspired colour melt. I also took inspiration from the colours of space as well as the heavy 90s fashion revival.

“My strength as a hairdresser lies in vivid colouring and the way different colours blend together to give a seamless result.”

Mia Rowley

ASP Colour Rebel Mia Rowley

“My winning look was a textured, sun kissed copper balayage with a lemon-yellow contrasting toner and a soft cut feature-enhancing face frame. I was inspired by current trends and techniques but adding a glowing copper twist.

“My niche as a stylist is my drive for perfection and focus on current trends. I’d also say my strengths lie with balayage and freehand techniques.”

Jon Aherne

ASP Colour Rebel Jon Aherne

“My look was inspired by the 70s era, using contrasting textures and vivid colours to create a modern twist on the disco/afro look of the era.

“I think my biggest strength as a hairdresser is cutting, and my niche is that I’m a keen colourist who loves using different colouring techniques to enhance the shapes I create.”

Aimee Goodwin

ASP Colour Rebel Aimee Goodwin

“Taking inspiration from Vivienne Westwood, my winning look was a fusion of fashion and nature. I wanted to blend warm and cool tones together effectively to create a shimmering pearl and coral effect to represent the ocean’s environment.

“After being given the opportunity to defer my place on the team due to maternity leave, I feel incredibly excited and grateful to be one of the ASP Colour Rebels. I can’t wait to re-immerse myself in the creative world of hairdressing and develop our ideas as a team.

“My strength as a hairstylist is the ability to listen to clients, give honest advice and create a colour and style that’s been handmade to suit their needs.”

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