Advanced Pro Salon Launch Charity Initiative with Tik Tok Challenge

by akesha / last updated April 30, 2020

Advanced Pro Salon Colour Code Challenge

With the hairdressing industry currently in turmoil with salons closed, brands are stepping in to help hairdressers in need. Advance Pro Salon have found an inventive way to raise money for hairdressers with their social media challenge #ColourCodeChallenge.

The brand’s GoFundMe page reads, “We’ve personally been involved with this magical sector for over 40 years and have seen the truly amazing impact stylists/beauticians have on our lives. The salon is not just somewhere to get our haircut or nails done, it’s where we have built relationships, made friends, have laughed and in some cases cried with joy, it’s a place of comfort where we can talk openly, where a friendly ear is there to listen.”

How to do the #ColourCodeChallenge

1. A pack of thin glow sticks which you can easily find online. We’ve used a brand called Swibby Stix, but similar will be fine.

2. Dark or black clothing. Works best if you cover as much of your body as possible, but it’s not essential to having fun.

3. Clear Cellotape. This is to attach the glow sticks to your clothing, whilst allowing the glow stick to still shine through. Be generous when attaching the sticks as you will be dancing, but please be careful and sensible during this stage.

4. A dark room. Your living room or kitchen will do. Best done at night with all blinds and curtains closed, turn off any ambient light, such as TV, lamps etc. Ensure you have a fully clear floor space available with no obstacles to avoid any potential accidents as it will be dark and you will be dancing.

5. A smart phone or tablet. Best used with a tripod, but you could get a friend or family member to help you, which is often more fun.

6. Tequila by Jax Jones is the selected song for the challenge. This is already available as a 30 second sample on TikTok.

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#ColourCodeChallenge LEARN THE DANCE! TIKTOK : @advancedprosalon Step by Step instructions can be found on the GoFundMe page – link below or search GoFundMe for “ColourCode Challenge" UK salons need our support. Now it’s our time, let's show our appreciation by supporting the friends and family that we have made in salons throughout the UK. GOFUNDME: Get behind the #ColourCodeChallenge and have some fun whilst raising essential funds for an amazing industry. To see the challenge live on TikTok check out @advancedprosalon Even if the challenge is not for you, please give what you can, as we all know someone in the Hair & Beauty industry. Salons are really hard hit and struggling, some without help may be forced to close their doors. We can help! Together we can make a real difference. It’s a little gesture with a lot of love! #dancechallenge #tiktok #tiktokdance #stylistssupportingstylists #stylistsupportingstylists #salon #salons #salonowner #salonowners #hairdresser #hairdressers #hairdressing #hairdressersofinstagram #hairdresserlife #hair #hairstylist #hairsalon #hairsalons #behindthechair #hjcolourreel

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The #ColourCodeChallenge Dance moves breakdown

1. Start off looking down to the ground
2. look up and then shrug your shoulders
3. Both arms straight up in the air on “one shot” lyric
4. Both arms fully extended out to the sides inline with your shoulders on “two shot” lyric.
5. Bring your left hand down to your left hip on “three shot” lyric
6. Bring your right hand down to your right hip on the “four shot” lyric
7. Wiggle your hips in a circular motion whilst progressively squatting downwards to the music.
8. Look right and bring your left hand up to your left ear on the “hola” lyric and pause.
9. Keeping your left hand to your left ear, extend your right arm out to your right inline with your shoulder whilst returning your body to a fully upright position from the squat. Then bounce your right arm to the beat across to the centre position to point straight infant of you.
10. Freestyle dance however you choose toward the camera until to song is complete!

The funds donated will be given to salons and stylists in need through a thorough process after an initial request for help has been made. For more details on the initiate click here 

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