A New Online Brand for Blondes Created for Professionals

by kieran / last updated November 18, 2021

Blonde By Choice Blue Velvet model

Consider this – only 2% of the world’s population are naturally blonde. That means the rest of the world’s blonde population are blonde by choice, making blonde and lightening services the financial lifeblood of most colourists. Now, Blonde By Choice Blue Velvet Bleach is set to change the way industry professionals can achieve all blonde and lightening techniques.


What makes Blue Velvet Bleach so special?

Unlike traditional powder bleaches, Blue Velvet features ingredients that buffer the lightening process, enabling up to 9 levels of lift without compromising the hair fibers. This benefit reduces the requirement to add bond strengthening additives to the bleach during the mixing process.

Scott Lee Blue Velvet Application


A smooth, rich consistency for precession in every lightening service

Blue Velvet is named for its rich, velvety consistency when mixed. More like a colourant than a bleach, the mixed formula does not clump or run during application and is also non-drying and has exceptional development longevity, staying active within the hair during even the most arduous lightening sessions.


A 2 in 1 lightening hero

Blue Velvet Bleach offers a unique inbuilt non-oxidative blue-violet pigment. Shades lifted to the standard ‘raw’ ‘bleach yellow’ base, will also obtain a 2 in 1 light and tone process. You find bases lifted to depths of 9 and 10 achieve a creamy, clean blonde that does not require a second process.

Blue Velvet mixed in bowl 

Available through Amazon Business

The Blonde by Choice Blue Velvet range is now available online either through Amazon or via With an Amazon Prime business account, you can rely on free next day delivery in the UK.  For hair professionals, stock ordering becomes as simple as a touch of a button via a mobile, tablet or computer.

Blonde By Choice Scott Lee

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