9 Reasons To Consider Offering Education in Salon

by akesha / last updated December 17, 2017

Rush Education in salon

Education is the foundation of the hairdressing industry as it enables you to innovate and inspire your clients on a day-to-day basis. Rush’s international creative director Andy Heasman examines why education in your salon will help you and your team progress to the next level.

1. To ensure stylists are doing their job correctly – Education is a must for all salons as it gives security and allows stylists to feel confident in their roles. Hairdressing is a creative and technical industry so it is extremely necessary to have a foundation as a starting block for stylists. This is the place they will build their core skills, ensuring they are always on a professional level and know exactly what they are doing. Without the basics, this would not be possible.

2. To provide clients with must-have services – We always have clients who want a specific style or trend they have seen on social media platforms or on celebrities. These techniques have been developed by stylists who have worked within the industry and know exactly how to experiment and push the boundaries. Learning these techniques is an art and requires regular training. Salons will definitely see a return on this investment.

3. To allow stylists to grow – The opportunities in our industry are endless and education will help stylists to further their career. It allows them to develop not only their skills and techniques but also it helps them to gain vital experience. It’s a ladder effect – the more you learn, the more you will grow.

Rush education in salon

4. For your clients to feel confident – This is very important and something that allows clients to put their confidence in you as a stylist as hair is a crown that never comes off. Your clients will feel reassured that they are receiving the highest level of expertise if they know your salon is passionate and committed to providing education to stylists on a regular basis.

5. To retain a great team – It is important to provide your team with the tools to succeed and do their job correctly, without this they might look for roles elsewhere. Offering education will show your staff that you are committed to their success.

6. To keep on top of current trends – The hairdressing industry is so fast-paced and we are seeing new trends appear every single day, whether it be on social media or in salons themselves. This is where education is vital. When a new trend appears, you need your stylists to execute it perfectly so education is vital.

7. Grow your business – Providing education will ultimately give you the edge on competitors, as you will be able to provide services that others have not yet learned. This gives you the upper hand and will appeal to clients looking for a specific service.

8. To set a benchmark for the standard of service Within any salon it is extremely important to provide a benchmark for your team and show them a high level of standards is expected at all times. Without this, our industry will ultimately fail. Setting a benchmark also shows your clients that only the best is acceptable.

9. To give your team confidence – Technical skills, customer services and front of house education are all essential for the day-to-day running of a salon. Training your team in each of these areas will fill them with confidence and make them feel more comfortable when speaking to clients about your products or services.

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