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Life of a Stylist – Styling on TV with Daniel Granger

by akesha / last updated June 19, 2018

Daniel Granger

The Hairdressing industry is so varied that it can be hard to know what path to follow.

For the Life of a Stylist Series we have exclusively tracked down hair professionals from a variety of industry positions from tour stylists to A-list Afro barbers so that you can gain insight into the breadth of the industry. This week we spoke to Daniel Granger, a stylist with two decades experience in the industry who starts on Channel 4’s hit show, Body Fixers.

What was your route into hair?
Hairdressing was realistically my only career choice. As a child part of me wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and become an architect or a builder. The idea of creating something practical and beautiful, quite literally from the ground up, appealed to me at a young age. One Christmas after my father passed I was given a pair of clippers with the intention of saving money by cutting hair from home. This gave me a purpose. After getting to grips with the basics it became clear I could create everyday, I could sculpt and craft with the same artistic ideals but the positive re-enforcement I received from family and friends after a cut was instant and addictive. Retrospectively I could not have chosen to pursue anything else.

How did you come to working on Body Fixers?
Body fixers approached me looking for a experienced fun hairdresser who wanted to take their passion for what they do further. They explained the show and its purpose, it hooked me straight away. It targeted people who were insecure about their image and it was our job to show them their true beauty and help them achieve something they’ve wanted for most of their life.

What is it like styling for a tv show?
Doing what I do is a passion. I find it more of a hobby rather than a job so to be able to do it in such a intense pressurised environment felt somewhat rewarding and added excitement to it all. I worked with all kinds of creative people and we bounced off each other so easily it made the days go quick. At the start I felt out of my comfort zone as I was being watched constantly and there was cameras all around me, the pressure was immense. As the days went on and the team bonded inside and outside of work the pressure slowly relieved the purpose of why I was there was highlighted and I was finally myself.

What challenges have you faced in your career so far and how did you overcome it?
One of the challenges I faced was juggling the salon with filming, I was away three consecutive days in London, which I don’t normally do as I work in the salon all week normally. Luckily I had an amazing team supporting me and taking care of the business whilst I was filming, I knew it was in safe hands. I find the biggest challenge not only in my career but I’m sure in everyone’s is finding a balance, a balance between work and family but also social time as well. Balance to me is very important, it lets me run a successful business and lead a happy life. 

What are your top tips for future talent that want to get into celebrity hairstyling?
Be yourself, be confident, smile and just relax. Don’t say no to anything I’ve never been fond of the word no if someone asks you to do something you don’t even know how to do just say yes, go home and learn it. I see everything as a journey you can only gain knowledge from. Everyone has hiccups as well in their journeys – don’t let it deter you from your goals or knock your confidence just get back up and go again. The only thing I’d say is don’t lose who you are, the cameras and front covers of magazines may seem appealing but always remember your roots.

daniel granger styling

What’s your styling philosophy?
My clients must be able to replicate my looks at home. They must be able to get that same reaction they have when they look in my mirror after a service when they look in theirs at home. My aim is to make them have a hairstyle that they can maintain 365 days of the year. When I’m creating a look it is personalised for each and every client that sits in my seat, not one is the same. This is all I’ve ever know I strive to the best I can possibly be, this is my life I control what happens.

Favourite account to follow on Instagram? 
Angelo Seminara is a magician of the hair. I have always been intrigued by Angelo’s work. My grandfather was a magician he made people believe the impossible and think the unthinkable. Like my grandfather Angelo creates something new for people, he’s inspirational and admirable. His passion towards hair shows in every piece of work he does, he always strives for more and wants to do better.

Another favourite of mine is Adam Reed. I believe his Instagram shows him as a person not just a hairdresser. His pictures show so much passion and interest for hair and it portrays him as a genuinely chilled out fun easygoing guy who juggles work as well as life. A truly inspirational leader.

Do you have a signature look you like to create?
Definitely the good old fashion bob! However, I like to mix the old with the new, like throwing some graduation in there and funking it up a little bit. I like to shock people and get them into an illusion that it’s just a regular bob then when they go to style it there’s multiple ways to do so they can get that sharp bob or that sexy texturised look.

What are your most reached for products in your kitbag?
A secret recipe of Schwarzkopf Professional session label magic.

Where do you see your career going next?
I want to focus more now on restoring confidence and on educating people on their hair loss problems such as alopecia and cancer treatments. I want to use my knowledge on wigs and hair pieces to give people what they feel they’re missing.

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