Salon Interior Inspo: The Bohemians

by chloe / last updated May 30, 2022

the bohemians salon interiors inspo

For your monthly dose of salon interior inspo, step inside The Bohemians. Nestled in the heart of Deptford, The Bohemians is a mellow space with an innovative edge. The salon marries nature with expression, reflecting the talent of the local community.

Salon Interior Inspo: The Great Indoors

The Bohemians

Key Facts

Name: The Bohemians
Address: 53 Deptford Broadway, London, SE8 4PH
Owners: Salvatore Ierna
Size: Ground floor 1,399 sq ft and basement 1,291 sq ft
How long have you been in the premises: Since 2017
How many staff: 8
Budget: £70,000

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Nature doesn’t always sit well amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, but The Bohemians salon is aiming to bridge that gap. In 2017, Salvatore Ierna embarked on a journey to transform a dull employment agency into “a relaxing oasis in the city,” he says. Their team of eight strongly believe in fostering inclusivity and this ethos permeates their salon, reflected not only in their move to offer gender-neutral pricing, vegan haircare and be 80% recycled, but most importantly, it’s mirrored in their interior.

In an innovative balance between contemporary and traditional, their walls are comprised of exposed brickwork and artwork by local Deptford creatives. “It visually represents our vision of ‘ordinary meets extraordinary’ brilliantly”, adds Salvatore. This personal touch elevates the space from a salon to a real community hub. Plus, they use their basement space to host events such as Deptford X, Age Against The Machine and Community Calling.

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Salvatore’s vision was crystal clear, and he worked hard to ensure every builder in the team could see it. The interior is inspired by a combination of industrial and rustic nature, using raw materials such as plain, untouched ‘weathered’ wood, glass and an abundance of greenery. He chose wooden floors for most of the salon – in keeping with the rustic interior whilst durable enough to weather the demands of a busy salon. Salvatore wanted his clients to feel like they were in another world, with the message of hope that “nature will always find its way through the concrete and the city”, he says.

The Bohemians salon interior inspo

The space inhabits 10 styling stations, created and assembled by Salvatore, each offering a round seated, Italian handmade chair. The salon hosts three backwashes, located in a separate room just off the main cutting and styling area. The washroom is one of Salvatore’s favourite areas in the space, “It features an incredible, full-wall mural by local artist, David Enos Hutton that depicts a battle between nature and concrete,” says Salvatore.

It really is the perfect place for clients to take a breather from the city and immerse themselves in nature.

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Salvatore’s Top Tips

1 Have a clear vision Know what you want out of your salon interior and try not to deviate too far from that.

2 Do your research Speak to your friends in the salon community to understand what worked well for them, and importantly, what didn’t and why.

3 Don’t be afraid to be unique Inject some of your personality into the salon’s interior. Think about what makes you unique and work this into your over-arching salon theme.The Bohemians


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