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HJ Interiors: Keeping it Local with Mewies and Co

by charlottegw / last updated September 29, 2020

With rustic finishes, raw timber, exposed brickwork and earthy green walls, Mewies and Co aims to instil a sense of calm to its clientele. Located in the village of Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, the salon is just a mile from its former premises. The founders decided to leave their original location to not only grow their business, but to grow the ethos of the salon as well.

Name: Mewies & Co Address: 61 Leicester Road, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, LE12 7AJ
Owners: Dan and Jemma Mewies
Size: 3,100 sqft
How long have you been in the premises: Since
August 2019
Budget: £25,000

“Community and a belief in authenticity was the starting point for our salon, both in terms of design and the factors which we believed to be essential to the business,” Dan and Jemma Mewies explain. “We’ve created a space that’s part of the local community with an open-door policy for like-minded businesses and clients. Our ethos of holistic care extends beyond hair and we’ve created a hub of wellness services to enhance the overall customer experience. The salon reflects our mindful approach to hairdressing and our spa-like ethos. We have a yoga studio which provides daily classes and we also have another room which we rent to local businesses that have similar values to Mewies & Co. Clients can enjoy acupuncture, meditation and reiki.”

Mewies and co yoga

The pair firmly believe in sustainability and this played a key role in the interior design of their new premises. The couple explain: “We were keen to find sustainable pieces and where possible we sought to work with local manufacturers who support our local community.” The duo add: “We worked with Lucy’s Lockup, which is a local brand that upcycles furniture and recycles pieces to create new designs.” In fact, the salon building, which used to be an old coaching house, proved to be a treasure trove of features that they could incorporate into the new space. The bar area is now the reception and the former skittle alley room now houses the yoga studio.

The part of the build that caused the most issues was the hair spa. “We wanted the spa to sit on a raised platform, which meant raising the floors and creating an oak framework to separate it from the main salon floor,” Dan and Jemma explain. The struggle to turn the space into the independent retreat it is today was worth it. The salon now has four backwashes that lie flat with their own music system for a truly serene experience.

Completing the renovation in just eight weeks to create this unequivocally zen salon couldn’t have have been a peaceful process. However, it’s safe to say that Mewies & Co really is the calm after the storm.

Mewies and co hair spa

Dan and Jemma’s top tips

Explore other salons in your area
Speak to friends in the industry that have carried out refurbishments and learn from them. Often people will tell you their mistakes and provide practical and useful advice.

Do your homework
Source fixtures and fittings from all over. You don’t always have to invest a large amount of money to get the look you want in your salon space.

Don’t refurbish the entire place at once
Since opening we have refurbished additional rooms upstairs and it’s allowed us to live in the space and take feedback on board.

This article appeared in the October issue of Hairdressers Journal. 

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