HJ Interiors: A Calm and Collected Vibe at Decode Hair by Leandro

by akesha / last updated April 7, 2020

Decode Hair by Leandro is a tranquil salon based in Ireland that is designed with a relaxing and private client experience in mind…

Leandro started his hairdressing career in 2005 at a Japanese salon in his hometown of Sao Paulo in Brazil. After four years of training, he qualified and decided to develop his skills in different countries. He visited Spain, Japan and Korea before settling in Ireland and placing down roots with his own salon in 2018.

The salon premises he found were originally home to a large insurance company. The building was derelict for two years before he bought it. Leandro said: “We were initially attracted by the potential of the space and its layout but the location was also excellent as it was near to the sea and had good transport links.”

The building required no structural work, however Leandro and his team needed to refurbish the floor, walls, plumbing, lighting, bathroom and kitchen. The opening time was delayed by six months, however half of this time was spent finding a suitable contractor and securing a start time. As a result, Leandro signed the lease in June 2018, but the salon didn’t officially open until November 2018.

A private and relaxing space

He designed the salon himself with the ultimate aim of giving a sense of privacy to his clients from passers-by. Leandro said: “I wanted to give clients space, privacy and relaxation. I did play with the idea of bringing in an interior designer, but I am happy I didn’t in the end as it turned out exactly how I envisioned it.”

The salon was painted in a neutral colour scheme with the main colour being calm cloud. The colour was picked for its welcoming nature and because it complements the salon’s greenery. He said: “We have a lot of teal and green shades, which are incredibly on-trend and look perfect against the wooden tones and other neutral colours in the salon.”

A stand out feature

The reception is a bright and spacious area with a desk and bookcase made from natural bespoke wood. Leandro said: “The reception has large recessed ceiling lights to welcome potential clients. The lighting in the customer area features two pendants hanging from the ceiling for a minimalist effect and to give the area a more relaxing atmosphere.”

The customer area features a table, chairs and rug that were purchased from MADE and the styling chairs and backwashes were specially ordered from Japan. Leandro designed the mirrors, picture frames, glass partitions and imprint designs himself.

The individual mirrors and frames a standout feature within the salon as they create a 3D effect for clients. While, the green mural wall brings an element of nature into the space. Leandro’s clients love the backwash area, which is laid out as beds for them to relax and enjoy being pampered. There is no doubt that Decode Hair by Leandro provides a calm and private space for clients to sit back and enjoy.

Leandro’s Top Tips:

Try to keep to your budget
– It is extremely important to have a budget, but also bear in mind that you might be costly by the time you reach the end of your project.

Things take time
– Be true to yourself and your vision. It can be frustrating when renovation plans are extended if you’re trying to create your own space but it is all worth it in the end.

Have a clear vision
– It is crucial to have a clear vision for your concept but always try to see the bigger picture and consider what is right for your target audience.

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