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Pink Hair Was All Over the Streets of London Fashion Week

by hjiadmin / last updated September 21, 2018

Is this the season of pink? Well according to the street-stylers across Fashion Week spotted with bold and daring hues of pink hair, it is!

Show-goers are reinventing this punk-loving trend with more volume, soft curls and subtle ombre. “I think pink hair is so popular because it is so easy to achieve and generally will fade out nice and quickly!” Said Lloyd Court, colour director at Skyler London.  “The type of pink you’re looking to achieve will depend on how light your hair is. If you are looking for a very pastel pink, then the hair will need to be practically white underneath to achieve this. However if you are open to more peach based pink, then your hair will only need to be a lightened to a yellow.”

“Pink hair has always and will always be popular to an extent within the hair industry, especially with clients who are looking to really transform their hair with the use of colour,” says Chris Williams, International colour director, RUSH Hair. “When we say pink, don’t just think of a bright fuchsia, think pastel pink, rose, salmon, blush – the list of different ones is endless and can be created to the specification of the client.”

But you need to be transparent about the commit of a creative hue warns Chris. “When colouring hair, especially with such a vibrant colour, the upkeep can be very time consuming and expensive. Dependant on the colour chosen and lifestyle factors, it is essential that you chat to your client before going ahead with this.”

“It is also important to keep in mind that when colouring the hair, the condition of the hair can be compromised therefore it is essential that hair is in the best condition possible before attempting any colour work,” adds Suzie McGill.

Millennial pink is here to stay, keep scrolling to see the looks your clients will be obsessing over…

Short Curls – These cotton candy curls are giving us serious Frenchy from Grease vibes.

Long and Wavy – Time to break out those curling tongs and go big or go home!

Ombré – Subtle mix of peachy pink and strawberry blond tones are perfect for an everyday look.

All Pink Everything – It’s serious #hairgoals when you can match your tresses to your outfit.

Safari Meets Candy Pink – Pink hair proving it can go with everything, even animal print.

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