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Top 10 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Festival Braids

by ruthhunsley / August 3, 2017

With festival season upon us, braids are the technique to master.

But if you haven’t quite nailed the style, we caught up with the hair and beauty experts over at online retailer Hairtrade.com who have revealed their top ten tips to achieving the ultimate braids for festival season. 

Joanne Dodds, from Hairtrade.com, said: “Braids were all over the spring/summer catwalks and they’ve now become a big trend in the hair and beauty world. Celebrities Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix have all been spotted sporting a type of braid.”

Top Ten Tips to Achieving the Ultimate Festival Braid

1. Braid when wet

Braid the hair when it is damp to create a tight and secure finish. The water traps in unruly hairs to the plait, meaning less fly-aways.

2. Add texture

Before starting the braid, spray or tap on a texturizing spray or powder all over the hair. This will calm the frizz but also give hair volume – perfect for a quick and simple messy look. It will also lock in all the hair and make the style secure.

3. Start simple

There’s no need to jump straight into complicated French plaits and fishtails if you’ve never given braiding a go before. Start with a simple plait down the length of a ponytail, or even plait the two ends of pigtails and tie them together. By slowly working up to your braiding technique, you will soon be a master of the more unusual styles.

4. The ‘Halo’

Think Game of Thrones and a simple ethereal look and the halo braid is the hairstyle of choice. Also known as the crown braid, it is created by plaiting a long ponytail and then wrapping around the head and across the front, and pinning to the side, creating a wide circle.

5. Have fun with a fishtail

If you’re looking for an alternative to the simple plait, then this is the style for you. Start by dividing a ponytail into two ponytails. Take a piece of hair from the left length and bring over the top of the right. Repeat with the right ponytail, taking an inch of hair over to the left. Continue as you go down until you run out of hair, and secure with a band.

6. Sleep on it

For a messy stylish braid, French plait the hair before bed and sleep on it. In the morning, simply spray with hairspray to secure for a perfect boho braid.

7. Spray and secure

Always remember to secure your braid with hairspray after completing. A fixing hold spray is best – just add a light dusting across the whole head. This will ensure the style is kept in place throughout the day.

8. Pull out strands

If you need a messy braid quickly, just pull out small strands from each section. Using a small barber’s comb can make this easier, just be careful not to completely loosen the plait.

9. Curl or wave first

Braiding curly or wavy hair will give the style an instant boost and added volume, especially around the crown. Just simply curl or wave using large tongs – a great tool for beach boho styles this summer.

10. Add extensions

Long hair is best for some braided styles but don’t worry about short or layered hair – simply add clip-in hair extensions that can be worn whenever you want. These are perfect for plaiting. 

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