Discover TIGI’s new TIGI Modern Classics Collection

by laurahusband / last updated November 19, 2019

TIGI Modern Classics

There are eight new cut and colour techniques in the new TIGI Modern Classics collection that are designed to push your technical skills and creativity. The techniques are now available on TIGI’s own digital platform: TIGIFUSE.COM

Choose when and where to educate your team, bring the TIGI Creative Team into your salon and progress your skills 24/7 with the new FREE online education programme exclusively on

Anthony Mascolo continually says:  “Classic hairdressing provides the basis for all salon work and understanding how to create TIGI Modern Classics is important for every hairdresser, whatever their level of experience.”

The TIGI Modern Classics collection is about ‘forward-thinking’ and re-appraisal.  It’s classic, but dressed for your clients today.  With TIGI’s progressive education and constantly evolving concepts and content, Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Creative Team aim to help you drive your business for 100% success.

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