Discover How TIGI Copyright has Transformed 4 Salon Businesses

by laurahusband / last updated April 12, 2019

TIGI Copyright

TIGI Copyright allows hairdressers to give today’s clients the totally customised and personal service they desire. The amazing TIGI Copyright treatments will ensure your client’s hair is in perfect condition and the creative colours and styling products will enhance and finish your client’s haircut. This is all led by the prefect consultation so your clients will not only enjoy their salon experience but will also have the absolute after-care to maintain their hair between salon visits.

TIGI Copyright

Here’s why four of TIGI’s partner salons love TIGI Copyright…

Forresters on TIGI Copyright’s new styling range

“The game-changing TIGI Copyright Care system has slotted in perfectly alongside TIGI copyright©olour to provide Forresters clients with a range of personalised prescriptive treatments. Everyone at Forresters is super excited about the brand new styling range that enables our clients to maintain their Copyright Colour, condition and style between salon visits. It’s essential that clients see our salon group’s commitment to the TIGI brand as it reassures them of the quality and effectiveness of the range. It also builds client loyalty which is imperative for our business. TIGI Copyright Colour has transformed the way our stylists and technicians work and it has given them so much more freedom to be truly creative.”
Gemma Forrester

Zappas on TIGI Copyright’s home care products 

“Since introducing TIGI Copyright Care and Styling to our salons we have seen a sharp increase in home hair care sales. Our team has genuinely loved using the product range in our salons and we believe we’ve found a truly outstanding brand that really supports all our clients’ needs. As our colour business continues to grow it has never been more important for us to use and recommend a quality product that makes a positive difference.”
Steve Connell

Scots Hair Design on TIGI Copyright’s treatment range 

“I have to say I’ve been privileged to be part of TIGI from the very beginning. It is a brand I can rely on and it does exactly what it says it’s going to do. When TIGI Copyright Colour was launched it was an easy step for me to take and it has surpassed all expectations. It’s an artist’s palette and totally bespoke, allowing my staff and I to have so much fun. It’s easy to use and easy to understand. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler. Now I am even more blown away with TIGI Copyright Care. The treatment range is outstanding and it helps us to showcase our work to its best potential. The styling products are salon-only, which takes back ownership of the brand and it is divine to work with. Well done TIGI for all the help and support you offer.”
Jennifer Low

Boosh Salon on TIGI Copyright’s training support 

“My team is really enjoying using TIGI Copyright Colour and Care. The brand has really inspired all of us and we’re seeing the results with increased retail sales. We’ve had great support and training from TIGI, but the main thing is that our clients love the products and are noticing a real difference to their hair. The treatment range is fantastic and we’re excited to start using the new styling range.”
Andrew Harris

Find out how TIGI Copyright can change your salon business by booking an appointment with a TIGI account manager or contacting our customer service team. Call 0344 844 0944, email [email protected] or go to for more information.

TIGI partner salons across the country are sharing their experiences, why not share yours on Instragram @tigicopyright using the hashtag:  #MYCOPYRIGHTSTORY

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