Shabby Chic at Krosbie & Co in Middlesex

by rachael / last updated September 14, 2013


Transforming a furniture shop into a beautiful salon in Hatch End, Middlesex, took partners Monica Brennan, Michelle Brockton and Kathy Boles just over a month. With the premises in good working order, the only major work needed was upgrading facilities such as electrics, plumbing, air conditioning and heating.

“We wanted to create a beautiful salon offering grace and elegance with a homely feel where we could offer a high standard of service and client comfort in an open plan environment,” explains Monica.

While there was no planning permission required, the team did spend two months planning and designing the Krosbie & Co salon to get the exact look and feel they wanted.

“We pooled all our ideas together and luckily we all had similar tastes, so deciding on the final look and feel was easy,” Monica says.

What was the theme for the new salon?
We wanted to create a shabby chic style, but with a touch of elegance.

Who is the salon aimed at?
The local area is fairly upmarket with lots of restaurants and retail outlets. We want to appeal to everyone in the area and create somewhere they can visit and feel comfortable, yet at the same time surprise and delight them.

What is the colour scheme?
Modern, neutral colours that work together to create a relaxed environment with strong finishing touches, such as the striking wallpaper and mirrors. There are no harsh lines between the décor and the light wooden floor and it is surprisingly easy to keep clean.

Tell us about the lighting
Our large chandeliers provide an ambient light, while detailed spot downlighters over each station give a true and clear light on the client’s head. Wall lights add a touch of class.

Describe the reception area
The reception desk and retail unit are vintage pine and we have used ‘shabby chic’ units for the workstation storage. There is a large brown sofa in the window for waiting clients and a retail area they can peruse at their leisure.

How many styling stations are there?
There are eight stations, six along one wall and two along the opposite wall. Each is a freestanding unit with a large ornate mirror and antique-inspired units for products and styling tools. We chose the chairs for client comfort mainly, but it was important they were practical for the stylist as well.

What was the most important part of the refit for you?
Client comfort was paramount, but creating a welcoming, decorative environment was also important. I believe we have created an elegant and sophisticated ambience, and luckily our clients agree.


Name: Krosbie & Co
Address: 258 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Middlesex
Owners: Monica Brennan, Michelle Brockton and Kathy Boles
Size: 800 sq ft
Staff: Seven
Styling stations: Eight
Budget: £80,000
Financing: Self
Design: Self
Furniture: Krosbie Design

Styling chairs and backwashes – DIR Group: 020 8591 9310
Furniture – Krosbie Design:

Top Tips

  • Be realistic with your budget – and stick to it
  • Don’t overcomplicate your design, less is more
  • Keep colours neutral then add splashes of colour for effect and detail
  • Always have a couple of ‘wow’ features – we have our antique mirrors and Olympic man statue.

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