How to Choose the Right Resistant Cool Cover Shades for your Clients

by laurahusband / last updated October 26, 2020

Wella Professionals’ four Resistant Cool Cover Shades within the Koleston Perfect ME+ Pure Naturals Collection are perfect for anyone wishing to cover their greys.

Generation-X and upper-millennial clients aged between 35 and 55 list covering grey hair as their number one reason for visiting a professional hair salon.

The most desired look for anyone wishing to cover their grey hair is to have a subtle and natural result, which is the ultimate aim of the four new Resistant Cool Cover Shades.

Upper-millennial and generation-X clients are open to updating their look but a fear of commitment, time and damage can be a barrier for them.

Grey coverage is the primary usage of the four new Resistant Cool Cover shades, the intensive cooler dyes, will also neutralise underlying warmth for clients where warmth is easily exposed. The intensity will also help to keep the underlying pigment at bay.

What are the four new Resistant Cool Cover shades?

55/02 (perfect for creating a Cool Brunette shade – click here for the full formula)






88/02 (perfect for creating a Honey Blonde shade – click here for the full formula)


When to use Resistant Cool Cover Shades on your clients

Koleston Perfect ME+ has an extensive collection of natural shades for limitless grey coverage possibilities that go up to 100% so when should you use each shade within the range?

8/0 Pure


Use 8/0 Pure for grey coverage with natural depth and shine.

8/00 Ultra


Use 8/00 Ultra for a slightly warmer direction and it is great intermixed  with the vibrant family .

88/0 Resistant Cover


88/0 Resistant Cover is the original resistant cover shade for grey hair that is hard to cover. It can be mixed with all of the Koleston Perfect ME+ families.

88/02 Resistant Cool Cover [NEW]

88:02 New

This is the new option for resistant hair. It delivers 100% coverage with intense cool tones for an anti-brass effect.

How to apply the shades based on a client’s hair length and type

Always use warm, light colours in the hair to reflect the light and give the illusion of volume and width. For a harmonious appearance, use shades which are within three levels of each other. If the roots are a level 6/0, the ends should be no lighter than a 9/0.

For clients with longer hair

Long hair Resistant Cool Cover Shades

For clients with longer hair you should draw attention to your client’s facial features by placing the shades around the cheekbones, eyes and jawline.

For clients with curly hair

Applying the shades in a horizontal pattern around the head will create a halo effect that works perfectly for clients with naturally curly hair.

For clients with fine or thicker hair

Fine hair Resistant Cool Cover Shades

For clients with fine hair use medium weaves to apply the colour and for thicker hair apply the colour using medium slices.

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