#LFWSS17 Trend Report: Bora Aksu & KMS California

by ruthhunsley / August 2, 2017

Lead stylist, James Pecis created the Look for the Bora Aksu SS17 show with KMS California.
“The inspiration for the collection comes from a story of Bora’s grandmother during times of poverty and a beautiful sentiment of giving her what she never had. I wanted the hair to really reflect that era with volumes of braids and fluffy texture around the face.”

Get the Look

  1. Start by adding volume to the hair using KMS California ADDVOLUME Root And Body Lift and blow out
  2. For added texture, spray the hair with KMS California HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray and brush through with a soft bristle brush
  3. Using KMS California HAIRPLAY Playable Texture throughout, part the hair down the centre and section two parts from the front on the crown to the ears and clip back
  4. Section the remaining top half from the crown in the middle and secure in a ponytail
  5. Braid this ponytail into two separate plaits and secure with a rubber band
  6. Secure the remaining hair in a ponytail on the left side just above the nape and braid
  7. Going back to the first front section, brush the hair over the ears using KMS California HAIRPLAY Playable Texture and secure behind each ear and braid the ends
  8. From the middle section take both braids and pin in a circular motion above the elastic. Do the same with the base braid in the opposite direction and the side braids over the ears
  9. All braids should be fitted flat and once in place cut the elastics by the ears for a seamless finish
  10. Complete the look and hold in place with KMS California HAIRSTAY Medium Hold Spray



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