How to Create Award-Winning Editorial Photography

by rachael / July 7, 2010

Award-winning images raise your salon’s profile, but they can also be used to tap in to the competitive world of magazine covers and featured collections.

This picture was part of Terri Kay’s 2009 collection, which won her the title of HJ’s 2009 Eastern Hairdresser of the Year.

Here we speak to the image’s stakeholders to find out why this look was such a success.


Terri-Kay-Image-web-version.jpgThe Full Package

Hair stylist

HJ’s 2009 Eastern Hairdresser of the Year Terri Kay, Mark Leeson Hair, Body & Mind, Mansfield

“This image is the perfect embodiment of my collection, ‘Precious’. I wanted to create a seductive yet stylish series of looks, and this image is both of these things. The soft, romantic curls show movement and definition at the same time, and the hair looks touchable.”


Andrew O’Toole

“Photographically, this shot has a really solid composition – almost like a pyramid. In total contrast, however, the hair is loose and wild, but it still works in total harmony. Additionally, the colour palette has these amazing golden and warm tones throughout, with no bright colours to detract attention.”

Make-up artist

Kylie O’Toole

“Drama oozes from the eyes in this shot. The smoky, smudgy effect works really well with the big hair and the gold and beige tones in the styling. The nude lips were just enough to set off the look – overall, it’s a stunning image.”

Fashion Stylist

Bernard Connolly

“The collection was inspired by Burberry’s rich historical and military past, and mixing this with statement accessories created a strong impact. The detail of the flower corsage and the tassel don’t detract from the model’s hair; they emphasize it to complete the look perfectly.”


Michelle Tiernan

“This is a fantastic, arresting, commercial image. The hair looks beautifully healthy, is packed full of volume, and is sprinkled with gorgeous blonde highlights. The model’s eyes are great – the direct eye contact is essential and the smoky look is sexy and fashionable. I also adore the styling – the mink and gold colours with the huge corsage are very on-trend. A beautiful picture.”



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