Meet the Hero Brushes that can Create These Striking Looks

by laurahusband / last updated February 21, 2019

HJ speaks to brand ambassadors and salon owners about the hero brush in their kit bag that can be used to create three striking looks

The hero brush: Alfa Italia Sessione Brush

Key traits:
The Alfa Italia Sessione brush has an ergonomic and lightweight design and a non-slip handle. It is available exclusively at

Why it’s a hero:
“It retains the heat from your hairdryer and the tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel reduces drying time, which means you can style with confidence.” – Paulo Andreuccetti, Pelé Hairdressing, Glasgow

Look 1: Glamourous 1940s waves
– Run the brush down over the top of the head to smooth out the hair.
– Maintain the movement through to the ends for a glamorous and sophisticated 1940s style wave.

Glamorous waves

Look 2: Playful blow-dry
– Wrap hair over the top of the brush. Take sections from the front to the base of the neck.
– Drive the sides to the
top of the head and dry upwards to create root lift.
– Working the ends with hot and cold blasts will allow the ends to set. This creates movement throughout the mid lengths and ends.

Playful blow-dry

Look 3: Natural effect
– Turn the client’s head upside down and with your hands, massage the scalp to create volume.
– Separate the ends to give a looser and more undone feel to the hair.
– Take freehand sections, wrap the hair around the brush and set it with a hot and cold blast from the dryer.

Natural effect

The hero brush: Balmain Paris Hair Couture Ceramic Round Brush 43mm

Key traits:
This 43mm round brush is designed for medium to long length hair for a smooth blow-dry style.

Why it’s a hero: “The Balmain Paris Hair Couture Ceramic Round Brush is the perfect tool for creating the bouncy and loose styles that clients request.” – Jack Granite, Pose and Pout, Liverpool

Look 1: Sleek and Straight
– Prep the hair first with a moisturising elixir oil and a thermal heat protection spray.
– Blast hair until it is 60% to 70% dry.
– Start blow-drying with the brush. Leave it in until the section is cooled down and continue through the entire head.
– Finish with hairspray.

Sleek and straight

Look 2: Bouncy curls
– Prep the hair first with a heat protection spray.
– Use multiple Balmain Ceramic Round Brushes 43mm and leave all of them in the head until the blow-dry is complete.
– Remove the brushes after five minutes.
– Run your fingers through the hair and add hairspray to finish the look.

Bouncy curls

Look 3: Curly blow-dry
– Prep with a curl cream.
– Leave multiple brushes in the hair until the end and spray each section with a hairspray.
– Take small sections and wait for them to cool for five minutes before removing the brushes.
– Ask your client to move her head so the curls fall into position.

Curly blow-dry

The hero brush: Denman D3 Styling Brush

Key traits:
The D3 has unique sculpted pins that deliver the ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition to style, shape and define curls as well as detangle and smooth the hair.
Why it’s a hero:
“Denman is at the heart of the industry, with the best tools a stylist could wish for at every level.” – Paul Stafford, Denman creative director

Look 1: 1970s ‘do
– When hair is 85% dry, take sections and smooth out each section. When the hair reaches the drying point roll the brush into the hair.
– Repeat throughout.
– For the fringe use the D3 to drag the hair forwards for a light root lift and finish with spray.

1970s do

Look 2: Boy cut
– Taking its inspiration from the genderless vibe within the hair industry and fashion, Boy Cut is a unisex shape that has a 1950s feel.
– Style the hair with some mousse.
– Finally, blow-dry hair with the Denman D3 Styling Brush to create this strong, androgynous and fashion-forward look.

Boy cut

Look 3: Va va voom
– The looseness of this shape is created through styling.
– Use the Denman D3 and Collexia Dryer on a slow speed to move the hair around the head.
– Blow-dry the hair and set it in place with pins until cool, then carefully tease out to exaggerate this beautiful haircut.

Va va voom

The hero brush: ghd Glide

Key traits:
With this hot brush, clients can maintain beautiful smooth hair between appointments. It tames and smooths dry hair quickly and it is perfect for second-day styling.

Why it’s a hero:
“I’m obsessed with it and my clients love it too. It’s perfect for adding volume and creates a beautiful texture.” – Zoe Irwin, ghd brand ambassador

Look 1: Smooth texture
– Prep with heat spray and brush in sections.
– Holding the section of hair at 45°, place ghd Glide directly at the roots with the logo facing the head and bristles outwards and slowly glide the brush to the ends. Repeat this process throughout the hair.
– Finish with two pumps of a smooth finishing serum.

Smooth texture

Look 2: Insta-perfect
– Hold each section of hair up, place ghd Glide underneath at the root with the logo facing the head and the bristles facing out.
– Pass it through the section in an upward motion. At the ends of the hair, start to pull the glide out at 90°.
– Repeat throughout and to create extra volume, over- direct the hair at the crown.

Insta Perfect

Look 3: Two-day smooth
– Place ghd Glide under a one inch horizontal section of hair at the root with the logo facing the head and bristles facing out.
– Smooth it down the section to the ends. Place it back at the root but on top of the hair with the logo facing outward and smooth from root to tip.
– Repeat throughout the hair.

Two Day Smooth

The hero brush: Kent KS07 Large Wide Paddle Brush

Key traits:
A full sized paddle brush with the Kent Salon fat quills and a large 90mm head for detangling and brushing long hair. It makes blow-drying a breeze.

Why it’s a hero:
“I would never leave the salon to do shows or shoots without it as it’s fantastic at detangling!” – Rick Roberts, Rick Roberts Hair, Beverley

Look 1: Big and bouncy
– Apply a volumising product on the KSO7
brush and comb through from the root to the ends.
– Dry the hair until it is 80% dry and reapply the volumising product.
– Wrap dry the hair with a brush and finish by teasing in volume at the root.
– Complete the look with a holding spray.

bouncy blow-dry

Look 2: Voluminous ‘fro
– Wash hair with an Afro shampoo and conditioner.
– Detangle the hair with the brush. Use an Afro product that creates volume while conditioning dry hair and twist to show off texture.
– To create volume and shape, brush out the hair in sections until you achieve the desired style.
– Finish with a shine spray.

Voluminous fro

Look 3: Marcel wave
– Blow-dry with a volume product and use the KSO7 brush. Then blow-dry the hair in a brick set and allow it to cool. Once cool, brush out the hair in layers from root to ends.
– Overlap the front section and tuck behind the ear with four pins below each wave for detail.
– Finally, add hair oil.

Marcel waves

The hero brush: Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Tool

Key Traits:
It has fixed base teeth with built-in tension and slight flexibility at the tips for a quick, smooth and gentle blow-dry without pulling or stretch-drying.

Why it’s a hero:
“It’s my go-to tool for speed-drying on session shoots and in the salon.” – Thomas Hills, TH1 Hair, Surrey

Look 1: Innocence
– Prep the hair with a volume mousse and blow-dry using the Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Tool. Keep the sections small to ensure the roots are dry.
– From the temple to the crown apply gel.
– To finish the look, tease the hair at the roots of the quiff for durability.
– Finish with hairspray.


Look 2: Jessica Rabbit
– Apply mousse to damp hair. Section hair into sections from the back working upwards.
– Pull away from the roots to gain root lift. Roll the hair in and out to create a spiral effect. Move the air of the hairdryer through the centre of the brush.
– Place slim section clips around the hairline.

Jessica Rabbit

Look 3: The choppy bob
– Apply lots of mousse.
– Take sections working through the back and build a triangular shape through the blow-dry.
– Take the Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Tool and start at the nape of the neck to build volume.
– Roughly blow-dry the ends and brush the fringe for an undone look.

choppy bob

This article was originally published in the March 2019 issue of Hairdressers Journal 


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