3 of the Best Places to go for Inspiration Besides Our Gallery

by akesha / last updated January 30, 2019

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It is easy to fall into the trap of doing the same haircuts and colours, especially when working with cautious clients. Avoid getting stuck in a rut and read our suggestions below. Whether you want to explore new colours or simply brainstorm these 3 hairdresser approved inspiration sources have got you covered.

1. Social media

As we all know social media is a great place to share you latest creations with the world. When you’re on the receiving end it’s easy to scroll aimlessly. However, features such as ‘save’ on instagram mean you can quickly create folders full of inspiration. Perfect for a mood boarding! One hairdresser who swears by this is Heffy Wheeler, owner of HX Hair and OSMO Ambassador.

“The rise of the Instagram means our profession has never been so visual, whether it be the Kardashian’s massive leaps from dark to light, or celeb hairdressers showcasing impressive journeys through the colour wheel with intense vibrant locks. For colourists, Instagram is a great source of inspiration to discover new trends, techniques, and also the best way to showcase our creative works. Just open your feed and get hit by a million new shades and looks!”

2. Apps

Earlier this week we let you in on a range of apps that are essential to every hairdresser. However their are 1000s of apps out there. Carolyn Newman of Carolyn Newman Academy recommends the Vogue Runway app, “It’s a brilliant app and showcases all fashion and the latest ready to wear and couture shows. It’s a must-have resource. Pantone is great for colour blend ideas they also have a great app too.”

3. Meeting with your Peers

Whilst staying in the loop with other hairdressers is easiest through social media, it is important to meet with them through events and collaborations too! Not only will you benefit from networking but you can watch their processes, picking up hints and tricks that you may not have thought of. Mark Woolley, hairstylist and entrepreneur behind Electric Hairdressing London is understandably passionate about this.

“I travel a lot to attend seminars, events, shows all over the world aiming to create a network of other passionate hairstylists who are keen on sharing their ideas and inspirations. I organise the Electric Sessions at our Electric Academy in Brighton, inviting other hairstylists to share their skills, knowledge and experience. Learning from others, discussing each other’s visions on the hair industry is where I find inspiration”

Finally, don’t forget to take a look in our Gallery for endless amounts of inspiration ranging from the extravagant Avant Garde to classic Commercial looks.

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