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Get the Look: Lorna Evans Wavy Bob Updo

by rachael / last updated April 14, 2015

Get the Look Lorna Evans Wavy Bob Updo

Find out how to create this wavy bob updo in this tutorial from Lorna Evans’ Long Hair Bridal Secrets Unlocked book.


1 Apply plenty of medium hold mousse and blow-dry hair. Then section from a side parting from ear to ear.


2 Starting at the heavy side of the parting take a 2.5cm square and apply a setting spray.


3 Use a medium barrel and set the first row directing forward.


4 Alternate the rows forward and back across the top of the head.


5 Take a 2.5cm square section at the nape and create a scalp braid. Fold the braid and pin securely.


6 Tong long horizontal sections through the back and secure. Then leave one section on top of the braid straight and tease with a soft brush. Use a large plate iron to create a felt-like fabric in the hair.


7 Remove the clips and begin to work the directional set into waves and secure with waving clamps.


8 On the opposite side, place a half card to keep the side tight.


9 Rake out the back curls with your fingers, and add a root volumising powder at the crown to add texture and volume. Then gather all the hair into a low ponytail.


10 Roll under to create a bob-type finish and pin onto the scalp braid for hold.


11 Slide tiny bobby pins onto the hair at a 45˚ angle for hold and decoration.


12 Dress out the waves for a soft finish and secure.


Hair: Lorna Evans from Long Hair Bridal Secrets Unlocked book
Make-up: Kate McCleary
Styling: Mariana Hardwick
Photographs: Jason Lau

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