London Fashion Week

Get The Look: London Fashion Week Goes Sustainable

by chloe / last updated March 3, 2022


Simon Webster was the name, and scale and silhouette was the game. In keeping with their pledge to sustainability, VIN & OMI carried this focus into the spotlight for their hair looks at London Fashion Week.

Head stylist, Simon says: “Considering the biggest culprit for salon waste is hair, I created sculptural creations using only hair cuttings. Over 100 wigs were donated to the show from local theatres and museums.

The wigs were blended with natural hair cuttings gathered from our salon to build hair-mats, sheets and bases for larger creations and the theatrical, avant-garde elements are at the heart of every look.”

Think you’re up for the challenge? Simon’s given us a brief step-by-step tutorial for each look…

London Fashion Week

Hair Horns

London Fashion Week

Step 1: “Create two cones out of cardboard to the desired size of your horns. Pin these over a Bantu knot on either side of the head and secure tightly. Cover the cones in donated hair wefts and hold them in place with KMS Hair Stay Working Hairspray, £15.50,

Step 2: For the ‘wow factor’ and vibrancy that London Fashion Week demands, spray hair with KMS Style Colour, £23

Step 3: Twist the locks of hair into a deconstructed horn shape, and mist over the KMS Hair Stay Firm Finishing Hairspray to fixate in place, £15.50, and ensure your client is runway ready.

Step 4: Finish with KMS Hair Stay Firm Finishing Hairspray, £15.50, to lock the style in,” guides Simon.

Elevated Wigs

London Fashion Week

Step 1: “Use a combination of donated, bobbed wigs and hair weft glued in the hair.

Step 2: Spray the KMS Hair Stay Working Hairspray, £15.50, to create a strong silhouette

Step 3: Finish by misting the KMS Hair Stay Firm Finishing Hairspray, £15.50, all over to set the style in place,” explains Simon.

Hairball Stacks

London Fashion Week

Step 1: “Meld cuttings from the salon floor and donated synthetic wigs into hair-mats

Step 2: Glue the hair mats onto balloons and leave them to dry, similar to papier-mache

Step 3: Spray with KMS Style Colour, £23, and pile onto the head, securing each ball,” adds Simon.

Here are some of their other looks from the show…




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