Fashion Week Insiders: Warren Holmes

by rachael / August 19, 2011


Name: Warren Holmes
Position/salon: International creative director, Nicky Clarke 

How did you get into working at fashion week?
I did lots of little shows in my hometown when I was younger and when I was in Australia I worked on in-house shows for MYER, the department store chain. I then started working with Malcolm Edwards and did everything with him for a couple of years. Assisting is where it’s at, you need to assist and then you will learn the dynamics of working at a show.
What’s your favourite thing about working at fashion week?
At the start you’re going into the unknown and the end you’re coming out (ideally) as an expert on the season. 
What look do you predict we’ll be seeing a lot of?
The Spring/Summer shows are always going to contain the obligatory beach, carefree tousled hair with the middle parting as that’s what the consumer likes.We’ll also see masculine elements and 1960s drama.
What’s your fashion week kit bag essential?
My kit bag is colossal! I use grips from Sally’s, my Mason Pearson and Nicky Clarke Hair Raising and Tease Me. 
What shows are you doing this season?
I think I’ll just be doing a bit of London and the end of Milan.
Best advice for surviving fashion week?
Just embrace it.  Our job is a privilege and it’s fun. That said, I would advise not to do the parties. I’ve actually banned my lot.



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