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LFW Men AW18 Trend Report: Eclectic Styles at Charles Jeffrey

by charlottegw / January 12, 2018

Heralded as one of London’s brightest young things, Charles Jeffrey’s latest collection was inspired by his native Scotland and overcoming the anger of growing up gay in a straight man’s world. The hair, styled by Revlon Professional, reflected the clothes: a loud exterior that is a shield to stand behind. Men’s hairstyles were separated into three distinct looks- bowl-shaped cuts, sculptural ‘wigs’ that resembled hats or club kid cool styles.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, Tantrum

John Vial, Revlon Global Influencer


Look 1: ‘Lady Netty’

  1. Hair was cut into bowl-shaped styles with 1970s connotations
  2. It was then blow-dried and pinned until cooled and set
  3. Backcombed and teased into a bowl shape
  4. Top sections smoothed down and a hairnet placed over the entire head

Charles Jeffrey bowl cut yellow

Look 2: ‘Crazy Netty’

Swirly hairpieces that looked like hats. Hair was prefabricated and wrapped in hair nets or fish net tights. Colours of neon yellow, green and black deliberately complement the colours of the collection.

John Vial comments on the look: “I was slightly inspired by Sigue Sigue Sputnik in the 1980s. The lead singer Martin Degvile was the original brief. As I have always said poverty fuels creativity, he would make these really elaborate wigs out of fur, because you couldn’t buy cheap hair then. He was bald and there was no way of pinning them onto a bald head so he would stitch them onto fishnet tights and wear them over his face. The tights held on the wig had that’s where the idea was born.”

charles jeffrey orange nets

Look 3: The Individual

Club kid looks based on the individual. A combination of full head shaves, grunge kid style and androgynous curls.

charles jeffrey individual

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