Art Meets Design With Davines New Light Time and Colour Collection

by laurahusband / last updated January 20, 2021

Art meets design with the launch of the new Davines Light. Time and Colour Collection, which brings to life the recent work carried out by Davines hair art director Tom Connell.

HJ was given a sneak peek at the Davines collection, which was unveiled during an exclusive presentation on Wednesday 20 January at 5.30pm via the official Davines Youtube channel and you can click through the gallery in this article to see the collection in full or you can check out the images in HJ’s online gallery.

What was the inspiration behind the Davines Light. Time & Colour Collection?

The collection is based the each women’s individuality. It goes beyond hairstyling and the pure creation of a look to get closer with multiple references to the world of fashion, music, architecture and design.

Tom Connell says:

The collections for 2021 continue on the long-term cultural journey of bridging the gap between the hair industry, design, art and fashion. The work is innovative but with a transparent and authentic approach.

Tom wanted each model image to contain references to socio-cultural, musical and artistic contexts that have influenced his perception. He goes as far as to say it’s difficult to inscribe the collection within the context of hairdressing because it’s much closer to being a work of art.

Achieving Tom’s vision for the new Davines Light. Time & Colour collection meant stepping away from digital photography. Instead, he shot the models of the whole project on film in natural light without any post editing. The result was being able to enhance the reality and authenticity that lies at the heart of the Davines Light Time and Colour Collection.

This collection sits within Tom’s bigger and longer-term cultural project for Davines called Portraits of People. This collection sits within the larger project as a conceptual way of offering creative ideas that blend and enhance the art of shaping hair to other creative dimensions.

How to does the Davines Collection combine light and time?

Throughout the Davines Light Time and Colour collection, colour takes centre stage. Initially you will see the unusual shades of colour that guide you through interpreting the image. Each tone, is stands alone in its right yet remains sophisticated and elegant.

The colour shades work in harmony to reveal small details and contrasts that you might not see on first glance but will stand out when you look again.


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