Create the Ultimate Bespoke Colour For Your Clients…Everytime

by kate woods / February 12, 2018

Organic Colour systems lime green

Pastel shades, bright and bold block colours or metallic hues… there are No Limits to what you can achieve, so embrace this season’s hottest trends and unleash your creativity.

Using professional semi-permanent colour you can increase your clients’ choice, versatility and individuality – there has never been a better time to introduce them to a brave new world of colour!

But how do you take your clients’ colour aspirations from the picture they spotted on Instagram into reality? Organic Colour Systems shares their top tips:

  1. Consider the condition of your client’s hair.
    This is the most important step because if the hair is not in good condition you risk uneven, patchy coverage and quick loss of colour.If you’re colouring on pre-lightened hair (and you probably will be) your client’s tresses will be lacking protein. We recommend you pre-treat the hair with the appropriate treatment from the Organic Colour Systems PowerBuild® range. The Organic Colour Systems, No Limits range of semi-permanent hair colours also have a conditioning base and are packed full of hair strengthening natural and organic ingredients to condition while they colour.
  1. Next comes lift.
    Achieving the right level of lift is crucial, otherwise the colour may not end up exactly as you had planned. There’s nothing worse than a muddy pastel shade or lack lustre colour pop!
  1. Know your colour wheel!
    A strong undertone of yellow or orange can have disastrous effects – who wants to go blue and end up green? Consider what colours you need to add into your mix to counteract those pesky undertones.
  1. Know your colours!
    Did you know that some direct dyes, even semi-permanents, can be extremely stubborn to get out? Blues and greens, in particular, have a different molecular structure that makes them harder to remove from the hair. Make sure you advise your client correctly so they know what to expect from the outset.
  1. Test your target shade.
    Carry out a strand test first. Pre-mixed shades don’t give you as much scope, so always test the colour somewhere discreet before going all over.Organic Colour Systems No Limits range is designed as a bespoke mixing range, so you can mix and blend the colours until your heart is content. Plus the colour you get in the bowl is generally how it will appear on your clients’ hair. When you’re working with No Limits you can paint the colour onto a blank piece of paper to get a true picture of your target shade.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to create outstanding, bespoke hair colour your client’s will love, everytime!

Want to know more tips and secrets for giving your clients the very best colour solutions on each and every visit?  You’ll find tips, ideas and creative inspiration at

Explore Your Creativity with No Limits

The Organic Colour Systems range of No Limits semi-permanent hair colours are perfect for those stylists who really want to get creative with colour and they are so easy to use.

The range includes 8 fashion and 4 natural shades. They are PPD and PTD free and vegan friendly and full of natural and certified organic ingredients designed to enrich colour and keep your clients hair in great condition.

To add the boundary pushing and innovative range to your salon call Organic Colour Systems on 01590 646462 or email

OCS No Limits Semi permanent hair colour

Organic Colour SystemsThis is a sponsored feature by Organic Colour Systems. 

Photo from Karine Jackson ‘Layered
Hair: Karine Jackson for Organic Colour Systems
Photography: Andrew O’Toole,
Styling: Leticia Dare
Make-Up: Margaret Aston
Assistant:  Nichola Hand, Organic Colour Systems

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