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8 Fast Facts About the Rachel Cut

by rachael / last updated February 11, 2015

8 Fast Facts About the Rachel Cut

It’s one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time, even though Jennifer Aniston reportedly hated it. Here, we round up eight fast facts about the Rachel cut.

  • Chris McMillan recently admitted in an interview that he was stoned at the time of doing the cut – he’s now celebrating 14 years sober.
  • The Rachel cut debuted in 1994, during the second season of Friends. She only had the cut for that one season.
  • Chris was working at Estilo salon in Hollywood at the time. He also styled the hair of the other members of the cast and Courteney Cox has since joked that she was jealous that her cut didn’t receive the same levels of attention.
  • The Rachel is the most requested hairstyle of all time, with almost 11 million British women trying out the look.
  • Chris’s other celebrity clients have included Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman.
  • Jennifer told an interviewer it took three brushes to dry her hair. It was then further styled with Velcro rollers. In reality, she’s a more low-maintenance gal who admits to only washing her hair every three days and leaving it to air dry.
  • Kim Kardashian, Sky Ferreira and Miley Cyrus are amongst the celebrities who have admitted to copying the cut.
  • Chris McMillan has said that the cut came about by accident as he was trying to grow out Aniston’s fringe over a series of cuts.



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